Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shout Out to Three More Chicks

OK, this is the last one for a bit... I think I will have caught up with all the additions Michele did last night. (Cool how fast the blogroll is growing, isn't it?)

Hello to Kellie! Take a peak how she spent her mother's day at Mrs. Egg and Her Little Chickies. I have a dumb question (and only in kidding) if she's Mrs. Egg how can she be a blogging chick yet? Sorry, I couldn't help it...

Welcome to Kdubs from the East Coast! Please check out the beautiful artwork her husband did of her at Reflections of a not so Ordinary Mom.

Hi Welshy from the United Kingdom! Check out her new layout background at 威爾士女孩 Green pastures, still waters.

Please be sure to stop by and welcome all the new Blogging Chicks.
TTFN~Pamela Lynn