Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to New Blogging Chicks

Well it looks like it's been a busy weekend. Wanted to give a big welcome to our new Blogging Chicks, I'm sorry it couldn't have been last night, we were very tired after the trip over the weekend.

Hi to Tricia from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She's author of two of our new blogs on the list Tricia's Musings and Odd Planet. Check out her profile on Odd Planet for an interesting birth date.

Hello to Eph2810 from Arizona. Her two blogs are Sting My Heart and My Lighter Side. Check out her new layout, on the Lighter Side, it's very pretty.

Hey to KristieD from Florida. She has a beautiful post about her mom on Just Venting.

Welcome to Natalie from Ottawa! Love the warning sign in the side bar on Said the Girl.

Pamela Lynn