Saturday, May 06, 2006

Need a New Template?

Why use the same template that everyone else is using when you can have one custom designed for you. One of our Blogging Chicks, Beth, does web design. I think she creates great templates and she's cheap. Check out her prices:
Templates*: $15, includes coding and custom images. Additional image packs (link back buttons, anti-pixel and avatar) the pack of 3 an extra $3.
*WordPress Themes AND Installation*: $20, includes coding of template, (or hacking of template if they choose a premade theme they want customized-with original author’s credits in place as well as my modification credit, which is basically what most WordPress themes are) plus uploading via ftp to their site for installation. They must already have a webhost company which supports php/mysql. I’ll set the database up for them-with permission for access to do so. If they want plugins installed and integrated in the blog this is an additional $1 per plugin.

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