Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Additions to the Blogroll (Guest blogger Pamela Lynn)

Hey all! I'm just trying to help Michele out by introducing several new Blogging Chicks. I'm hoping I won't miss anyone, sorry if I have, please just let me know and I will correct it as soon as I can.

Let's welcome "Supermom" at What Makes a Housewife Desperate?. Her posts are upbeat and mainly about her life and being a mom.

Be sure to stop by TNChick's blog. She poses some interesting questions and she has a cool Photo Hunt. A couple of our other new blogging chicks are part of that blogroll as well... Kelly from Florida at Life as I know It says it best... Blogging Chicks Rock! Say hello to a Spring chicken.... Chilady from Cloudland, Georgia Here is a Blog for Chilady.

Kendra from Winston Salem, NC at Mama K's World is a SAHM and has an adorable cartoon picture of herself.

OK that's all for tonight, I think... I'm starting to get tired... it is after all way past my bedtime at 12:30 am...

Pamela Lynn Time Flutters By

Updated to add: OOPS! There are a few sites that are not on this list! Maybe Pamela Lynn could send me another post with the rest.