Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm closing the blogroll

I haven't had the time to devote to the blogroll and I doubt that this fall will be any different so I have decided to stop updating it. I will not be deleting the blogroll so if you want to keep it on your blog, it will be available.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

I've finally updated the Metablog to Blogger Beta!

They'll be other changes to the blogroll as well. I'm going to randomize the blogroll. If you like going through the blogs in alphabetic order you can go here for an alphabetic listing of the blogroll. Randomizing the list will let me know when I have dead links and will increase the traffic for blogs that update often.

As you may notice I've installed the blogroll on its own page and then I've linked to the page in the sidebar, this is how I suggest everyone install the blogroll. It's getting big and it takes awhile to load but if you have it on it's own page, that won't be a problem.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, I only received three Carnival entries! Here they are:

Find out how to comment on Blogspot blogs on CoolAdzine for Marketers

Share Christmas wishes with CyberCelt on Texas RV Travel blog and Advertising for Success blog.

Angela: "This is just a rant about being late with my holiday cards"

I guess we're done with Carnivals. I have an idea for blog promotion that shouldn't be too hard for me to do. More about that after the New Year.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will be adding new members soon and will be giving this blog an overhaul. I haven't abandoned Blogging Chicks and won't. I remain committed to promoting the blogs of women :-)

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Yes, I didn't abandon the blogroll! If you want to be part of a Christmas carnival, email me your link and a one or two line description of your post by Sunday morning. I will be posting what I receive by Sunday night.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogging Chicks in Alphabetic Order

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ParenTeen: helping parents and teens connect! **new**
- a m e t a m o r p h o s e l f
.."And Miles To Go Before We Sleep..."
3 SIDES OF CRAZY **new**
3amTherapy Sessions
5 minutes for mom
7 Confessions
7Confessions Gossip **new**
9 to 5 Poet
:: adventures in daily living ::
A Blog of 2 Witches
A Californian Working Mother's Mess
A Christian Writer's World
A Country Notion
A Cowboy's Wife
A Cup of Tea with Me
A Day in the Life of...
A Doggy's Life
A Flyover Blog
A Frog In My Soup
A Green Earth
A Gringa's Giggles
A Happier Girl
A Lily Among The Thorns
A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That
A Mama's Musings and Meditations
A Mom’s Life at NeenMachine.com **new**
A Mommy with an Attitude
A New Green Earth
A Nice Place In The Sun
A Peek At My Bookshelf
A Place for Politics
A Prairie View
A Simple Country Girl's Dream
About Simple Ways
Ace and Hoser Blook
Ad Lib
Adeline and Hazel
Adoption and Fire
Adrian's Crazy Life **new**
Adventures in Ruburbia
Adventures in Stepford
Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother
Advertising for Success
All About Benjamin...
All About Me
All About Me - And Then Some
All Rileyed Up
Almost Somewhat Positive
Altered State of Mind
Am I Going Mad...or am I just a Mommy?
Amazing Grace-land
Amber Miller
American Girl
An Atypical Mom
an ordinary life
An Ordinary Mom
An Unschooling Life
Anastacia Knits
And she can't even cook!
And then I woke up...
Andhra Spicy
andrea trinidad-echavez
Anew and Afresh **new**
Angel's Mind
Anna Lightens Up
Another Chance Ranch
Another Day
Another Mom Blog
antithete **new**
Apple Grrl
Are Things Complicated Yet?
As the Garden Grows
At A Hen's Pace
At my Hearth
AtypicaLife dot net
Auburn Gal Always
Aussie In The Orient
Aylee bits of who I am...
Backpacker Mom
Balance My Chaos
Ballpoint Wren
Barb Knits
Beach-Lit Writer
Because I have to . . . "I'm not weird. I'm gifted."
Because I Said So
Becky's Book Reviews
Becky's Christian Reviews
Being Amber Rhea
Bein' Berean
Believer in Balance
Bending the Twigs
Between the Lines
Biker Betty
Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic
Black's Red
Blessed Moon Family Coven
Blog Avenues
Blog Fog
blog of a caffeine addict
Blog U
Blogging Chicks Metablog
Blogging In Vegas
Blogging with Cents *new*
Bonnie Writes
Book Splurge
Books, movies, and Chinese Food
Brain Food
Breath of Life Photography
Breathing Words
Building WEALTH
By the Sea
Calendar Girl Blog
Callaloo Soup: A Little Bit of Everything
Camy's Loft
Can I borrow your life
Canadian Baker Too
Canadian Crafter
Capturing Today
Carolina Rags
Carry Your Candle
Celebrity Scoop
Centre for Emotional Well-Being
centre of the universe: the dreaming **new**
Changed by His Love
Chelise Stroud Hery
Chicken's Life
Christa Taylor
Christian Blosphere
Christian Children's Book Review
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
Christian Novels
Christian Work at Home Moms
Christy's Book Blog
Christy's Coffee Break
Chrysalis Song
CitySlicker Girl
Classical School Blog
Clew's Blues
Clouds in my Coffee
Coffee 2 go
Comedy Plus *New
Comic Mummy
Coming2Terms *new*
Confabulation *new*
Confabulation in the Kitchen *new*
Confections of a Foodie Bride *new*
Confessions Of An Everyday Housewife *new*
Confessions of an Organized Mess
Confused Monkies *new*
Conservative Thoughts *new*
Conserve Plastic Bags *new*
CoolAdzine for Marketers
Cootiehog **new**
Courting Destiny
Cozy Paradigms *new*
Craft Critique *new*
Crafty Daisies *new*
Crayons, Playdoh & Wax
Crazy People Have More Fun
Crazy Quilt
Crazy Thoughts by Chelle *new*
crazy, but that's how it goes... *new*
crickl's nest
Crissybug's Crazy Clan! *new*
curryegg.com *new*
Cyndi's Corner *new*
Cyndi's Corner *new*
Daily Thoughts *New
Dallas Miao'd *new*
Dancing With Butterflies *new*
daramusing *new*
Daring Young Mom
Dating Daze *new*
Days of My life *new*
DC Movie Girl
Dear Darla *new*
Debby's Excruciating Minutia
deb's daily distractions
deb's daily distractions
Deb's Melon Patch *new*
Deo Volente
Desert Flutie *new*
Destiny Driven *new*
Devotionals by Donna
Diva Days *new*
Domestic Geek
Domesticated Bloggage
Don't Try This at Home
Down in My Little Valley *new*
Drama Queen's Momma
Dreaming What Ifs
Drunken Housewife
DUTCH femka
Ecclesiastes 12:12
Editha B. Esparza *new*
Embracing Momminess
emigrestudio.com *new*
Emilysmom's Blog
Empower Women Now *new*
Empress4-Journey to being multi-talented
Endangered Spaces *new*
Enough Strawberries for Apple Pie
Entertaining Angels *new*
Eternal Echoes
Eva Las Vegas
Everyday Discoveries *new*
everyday life as lyric poetry *new*
Everything Under the Moon
Eviscerator No More: Reflections of a Saved Soul...
Extreme Adventures in Knitting and Motherhood
Faith, Family, & Friends
Faithful Mommy
Family of Five
Fearfully Made *new*
Feline Warrior *new*
Femminista della casa *new*
Finding Flabuless *new*
Finding Life's Enchantments *new*
Fish and Cans *new*
Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping *new*
Fleeting Moments *new*
Fluttering Butterflies
following an unknown path **New
Food "Blogga" *new*
For Such a Time as Now *new*
For the Love of Peas and Monkeys *new*
For the Teabag in All of Us
Forensics and Faith
Forever Parents *new*
freebies4mom **new**
Friday's Child
From Melissa's Desk *new*
From the left side of the country...
From Tracie
Frugal Upstate *new*
fun playdates *new*
Gaining Balance
Geek Goddess **New
Genna with a G *new*
Georgiana D
Gilmore Girls Fanatic
Girls Can't WHAT? *new*
Go Team!
Goal Girls *new*
God made playdough! *new*
God Uses Broken Vessels *new*
Going Places
Gone to Plaid: The Blog
Gooby Baby
Got Bible? *new*
Got Kids, Need Valium *new*
Gotcha Baby *new*
Gran's Memory Keeping Corner *new*
Green Fertility
Green SAHM *new*
grrliegirl.com *new*
Halo Inc.
Her Bad Mother
Herbs,Gardening,Animals and Family
Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl
Here is-A-Blog-4-Chilady
Highland Warriors
Hip Mama, Hip Babe *new*
hipermoderna.net *new*
hipermoderna.net *new*
Hollyweird Gazette *new*
Holy Mama
Home is Where You Start From
Homefront Insecurity
Homesick Home
Hootin'Anni *new*
Hoping to Bear Fruit *new*
Hot House Momma
How Can I Do That? *new*
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Herring
HowToMe *new*
hsj writer
I Am Jack s Raging Mommy
i get you. *new*
I Moved Your Cheese, Moron *new*
I See a Spark in You
I Should Be Folding Laundry *new*
I think Mommy ate it!
I Was Born2Cree8 *new*
I Went to Law School For This? *new*
I Will Not Eat The Darkness
If It Were Only That Easy *new*
If Moms had Blogs
Imaginary Lines
Imagine Bright Futures
Imago Dei *new*
Imperfect Genius
In His Hands *new*
in salotto con gli amici *new*
In the Dailies *new*
In The Life of a Child *new*
Ink Artist *new*
Inside the dishevelled mind *new*
Inspiration Alley *new*
Internet Business Marketing Tips & Opportunities *new*
Internet Business Promotion And Opportunities *new*
Introducing Ashley *new*
Island Life
Italian woman at the table *new*
It's About Time
It's all about me
It's all for the best **New
I'm a Drama Mama *new*
I'm an organizing junkie!
I'm Just Sayin... *new*
Janne's Jabberwocky *new*
Jayne says... **New
Jeanette’s Deal Corner *new*
Jeanette's Celebrity Corner *new*
Jeanette's Work At Home Corner *new*
Jenn's Travel Close Up *new*
Jessicadoyle.ca *new*
Jottings From Jersey
Journey to Freedom *new*
Joy In the Litterbox
Joy in the Morning
Joyful Mom **New
Judy in the Dyes
Jules Journal *new*
Junk in the Trunk *new*
Just a Minute *new*
Just a Spoon Full of Sugar **New
Just Bloggin' Along *new*
Just Chicken Feed **new**
Just Gotta Hang On... **New
Just Jessie *new*
Just Let Go *new*
Just Venting
J's Thoughts and Musings *new*
Kaffee Klatsch
Karaoke Diva
Kastal Grapevine *new*
Kate s Blog *new*
Katie's Beer
Keeler's Korner *new*
Kevin, Faith & Foxxy
Kid Tricks *new*
Kids & Critters in Wyoming *new*
Knitting, horses, and my family *new*
Knittingqueen *new*
Kristi's Place *new*
La Duexieme Stitch
La Familia Meyer *new*
Lady Bug Picnic
LaLa Land Get Your Game Face On
Lammy Ann Life
Laughing Daisies *new*
Laughing with myself *new*
Laurel Wreath
Lessons from Lolly's Life
Lessons from the Scrapbook Page
Let the dog in! *new*
Life and Times of a Mama *new*
life as beck's
Life As I know It
Life in the country.. *new*
Life in the Fishbowl *new*
Life in the 'shwa
Life Inchoate
Life is a Buffet
Life is Like a Lunchbox **new**
Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool, and Cats! *new*
Life Under the Sun
Life Under the Sun
Life With Heathens *new*
Life with Little Women
Life With Two Little Vikings *new*
Lil' Duck Duck
Limberlime *new*
Lisabeeen Homeroasted Coffee *new*
Lisa's Chaos *new*
Lisa's Cookbook *new*
Little Red Hearts From God *new*
Live from the Wang of America *new*
Living in a State of Constant Kansas *new*
Livin' the Life of a Cowboy's Wife *new*
Livin' With Me!
Liza's Eyeview *new*
Lone Star Academy
Lone Star Latte-n-Libre
Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance
Looking Beyond the Cracked Window *new*
Looking for 2 Lines, & Other Ramblings *new*
Loonar Landing *new*
Lorrietori's Stamp Spot *new*
Losing Lucy
Lost In Lake City
Love, Life, Family... and then some *new*
Lynne Parsh **New
Mad Goat Lady *new*
madness, madness I say! *new*
maiylah’s snippets *new*
Making a Person **new**
Making Things Up **New
Malissa's Merry-go-round
Mama C-ta
Mama Jodi's World
Mama K NJ *new*
Mama K's World
MamaArcher's Blog *new*
Mamablogga *new*
MamaBugs' Mountain View Christian Academy **new**
Mamas*Little*Treasures **new**
Mama's Coffee Corner *new*
Mama's Moon
Mama's So Called Life
Mamma Loves... *new*
Maniacal Days
Manic Mommy's Musings
Many Little Blessings *new*
Marcia, the organising queen *new*
Margarita *new*
Maritzia s Thoughts
Mary Horn
Mastocytosis *new*
Matters of the Heart *new*
Maudie's Meandering Thoughts *new*
maunderings from dissertation hell *new*
Mayhem In Mexico
Mayren Abashed
Me and Mine *new*
Me, Molly & the Moon *new*
meg's garden *new*
Melanie in Orygun
Melissa's Idea Garden **new**
mellow creme pets **New
Mel's Diner *new*
Memories Frozen in Time *new*
Memories of the Heart
mental tesserae **New
Metro Mama
Mia: Shaken Not Stirred
Mice and Moonbeams *new*
Milk & Cookies *new*
Milk and Cookies *new*
milkmoney or not... here I come
miller.insight **New
Millionaire Mommy Next Door *new*
Mimi's Pixie Corner
Misfit Duck
Mixter's Mix
Modern Mami @ TheParentBlog.com *new*
Molly Coddled *new*
Mom 2 Mom Connection
Mom and Miss A's Homeschool Experience *new*
Mom and More *new*
Mom Chatter *new*
Mom Cooks *new*
Mom in Progress
Mom Knows Everything *new*
Mom Moment: Living, Learning & Loving Motherhood *new*
Mom of 3 Girls *new*
Mom Reviews *new*
Mom Tu-Tu *new*
Momble Jomble! *new*
Momma Mandy's Milieu **New
mommy bytes *new*
Mommy Happenings *new*
Mommy Inspirations *new*
Mommy Mommy Land *new*
Mommy Needs Coffee *new*
MoMmY nEeDsA mAi-tAi !!!
Mommy off the Record
Mommy's Getaway *new*
Mom's Crazy *new*
Mom's Musings *new*
monomuse.net *new*
Moogies World
motherbumper *new*
mothergoosemouse *new*
Mother's Home!
Mouse's Lilypad
Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist (aka Writer-Editor) *new*
MrsQohelet: Finding Q *new*
Ms. Latina Renee Enterprise, LLC *new*
MsMoneyGirl Vogues On the Internet *new*
Mummified Times 5 *new*
Mums The Wurd! *new*
Music Makers and Dreamers *new*
Musings of a chick
Musings of a Mavs Fan *new*
mw-artco **New
My Arms Fold Back
My Artful Soul
My Bloviation Celebration!
My Bullet Needs A New GUN *new*
My corner of the web *new*
My Domestic Church
My Fresh Outlook *new*
My grass is still blue in 2007!
My Life as Annie... *new*
My life as I live it
My Life In The Hovel **New
My Life In The Kid Zoo
My Life in the Urban Zoo *new*
My Lil Venture *new*
My Little Land of Looniness
My Many Blessings **New
My Many Colored Crayons **New
My Moments.....As Told By Me
My Quotidian Mysteries *new*
My So Called Perfect Life *new*
My So-Called Homeschool
My Splatter Painted Life
My Two Boys *new*
My Two Cents
My View from the Left Coast
My Wooden Spoon *new*
My Young Life
Mylife as I live it *new*
Mysterious Lady's Clues to Life
Mzellen & Co.
Namaskara Poetica *new*
Neatokimmo *new*
New Mom On The Blog *new*
New Zealand Reality TV *new*
No Limits Ladies. **New
Nonsense, fun, tears, happiness and anger all rolled into one!
Not a Cookie Cutter
Now We re Cookin *new*
Nspired By Faith *new*
O2BNAZ *new*
Oblivious Maven
Odd Planet
Of The Princess and The Pea
oh amanda *new*
Oh Look, Krill! *new*
Oh, The Joys
On A Limb *new*
On the Horizon
Once upon a time.... **New
One Day At a Time
One Day At a Time *new*
one plus two
One Primary Purpose *new*
One Step Up From Stupid *new*
Only In My LA *new*
Onward and Upward *new*
Orchids and Violets *new*
Ordinary Days *new*
Organized Chaos *new*
Our journey to "Little Maple" and back... *new*
Our Little Corner of the Upstate **New
Our little funny bunny *new*
Overwhelmed With Joy!
Ozarks sew n' sews *new*
Paper Expressions *new*
Parenting with a mental illness
Paris Rat Race
Pass the Torch
Paula Mooney *new*
Paxil Princess
Peace of Mind is All I Want... *new*
Peanut Gallery
Pearls of Wisdom
Peeping Mom *new*
Peggy, as she is *new*
Phoenix Rising *new*
Picture Clusters *new*
Pieces of Me
Pigeon's Ponderings *new*
Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog *new*
Piled Seven High
Pinkraygun.com *new*
Plain Jane Mom
Planet Yaffa
Play Clothes *new*
Playgroups are No Place For Children *new*
Playing Life's Guitar *new*
Please don't hangup
Po Moyemu--In My Opinion *new*
Pointless babbling by Mason and Terri's Mom! *new*
Polka Dot Creations *new*
Polliwog's Pond *new*
Pond Perspective
Portrait of a Writer... Interrupted
Practicing Theology
praying for the best, emma wilkerson *new*
Principled Discovery *new*
Projecting A *new*
Prudence and Madness
Purple Moon Garden
Purple Valley *new*
Purple Women & Friends *new*
Pyreflies over Zanarkand *new*
Queen Geek's life
Queen of the Bad Mommies
Queen Victoria
Quiet Reverie
Quo Vado? *new*
radical mama *new*
Rae's World *new*
Raising Daughters *new*
Raising Five *new*
Ramblings from Life *new*
Ramblings Of An Undistrubed Mind
Random Magus *new*
Random Musings *new*
Random Thoughts of a Tired Mom
Raven's Revelations
Red Rollerskate *new*
Redbud's Lane *new*
Reformed Chicks Blabbing
Refuge For a Single Mom *new*
Renee's Ramblings *new*
Resource Savvy *new*
Restaurant Reviews from ResToronto Reviews **New
Right Celebrity *new*
Rita's Ramblings **new**
Robinik.net *New*
Robinznest *new*
Rock-a-Baby Clothing Co. *new*
Roses For Ashes *new*
Round About Ways **New
Runaway Rubber Duckie *new*
S. O. S.
Sacred Circle Herbs
Sage Willow School *new*
SAHMbles ... *new*
Sandra's Goings On *new*
sanguinary blue
Sarah and the Goon Squad
Sarah's Growing Pains *new*
Saskatchewan Sunshine *new*
sassyfrazz **new**
Savvy Mom
Savvyology *new*
Scenes & Beans
SciFiChick.com *new*
SciFisstrs' Hummingbird Books
Scrambled Dregs
Scrapadoo *new*
Self Help Book Reviews *new*
Seraphim's Journal of Muses
Sew what's up? *new*
Shalee's Diner
Shallow and Tacky...Like You
Sharon Sews *new*
She Lives
She Says It's Pretty Dumb *new*
Sidestepping Real
Silent_Dream *new*
Silicon Valley Moms Blog
Sillie Lizzie's Rock
Simply A Musing Blog *new*
Simply Sandy *new*
Slurping Life *new*
Sma' Talk Wi' T
Smithical.com *new*
Smoke Rings and Coffee Stains
Snips & Snails *new*
Snow Trapped Southern Girl
so easily sidetracked... *new*
So Many Hobbies, So Little Time *new*
Sob'ah My Soul
Socal Mom *new*
Some Useless Info *new*
Someday Quilter
Something So Beautiful
Somewhere in China....
Somewhere Over the Debt *new*
Sophistishe.org *new*
Soul Blessings
Space and Time
Spaghetti Harvest
Sparks and Butterflies
Spirituality at Work *new*
Standing Firm in Quicksand *new*
Stifled Scream
Stink Eye & Tube Steak *new*
Stinky John Jones **new**
Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters
Straddling the Line *new*
Strawberry Wine and Clouds
Suburban Oblivion *new*
Sujet celebrities *new*
Sunday Morning Coffee
Sunflower **New
Sunflower Faith **new**
Sunny Daze
Sunshine Scribe
Sunshine's African Kids *new*
Sunydazy Days *new*
Surviving At Home... *new*
SusiePie *new*
Suspension of Disbelief
Suzi Finer: April Fool *new*
sweet awakenings *new*
Sweet Sensation *new*
T.Bird on a Wire
Table for Five *new*
Tales From a Former Michigander *new*
Tales From The Office *new*
Tales of the HavinsNest *new*
Talking to Nightlights *new*
Tamara *new*
Taste! **new**
temporarily me
Tennessee Text Wrestling
Texan in Kuwait *new*
Texas RV Travel
Thailand Gal *new*
That Grrl *new*
The Adventures of Super-Mommy and Spit Up Boy
The Anti-Domestic Goddess
The Art of Getting By
The B Love Life *new*
The Bailey's Blog
The Bean Blog
The Blog: iFancyIt.com Social Bookmarking *new*
The Breast Views
the brew*crew adventure
The Building Brows *new*
The Bumbling Bees *new*
The Cat Eye *new*
The Cat Lady
The Chatterbox Chronicles
The Cherries LifeBook of Thoughts *new*
The Clock is Ticking
The Daily Cat Chase
The Diet Pulpit *new*
The Dust Will Wait
The Expatriate's Kitchen *new*
The Fibromyalgia Experiment *new*
The Flanigan Family *new*
The Flip Flop Mama
The Frugal Momma *new*
The Fun Blog **new**
The Girl Formerly Known as Napa Girl
The Girl Next Door
The Gnostic World of Candy Minx
The Grim Reality ;-)
The Hodgepodger
The Ice Box *new*
The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
The Kids Birthday Fun Review **new**
The Knut Hut
The Ladies Lounge
The Left-Over Queen *new*
The Life of a School Bus Driver! *new*
the living well *new*
the lollipop guild *new*
The Lost and Profound *new*
The Mac and Cheese Chronicles
The Median Sib **new**
The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy
The Mother Load
The musings of yet another working mom
the nonessentials *new*
The Northern Southerner
The Not Quite Crunchy Parent *new*
The Orderly Life *new*
The Pen of the Wayfarer
The Pink Flamingo
The Pitchford Crew *new*
The Pontification Station
The Preacher's Wife *new*
The Pumkin Patch *new*
The Rebellious Pastor's Wife *new*
The Reforming of the Raven
The Rogue Angel
The Roller Coaster Ride of My Life
The Sacred Frosted Cheerio
the so called me *new*
The Song of My Soul *new*
The Space Between My Peers *new*
The Talking Fingers on the Web *new*
The Tall Poppy *new*
The Techno Diva *new*
the travels of stacey *new
The True Vyne
The Turning Point *new*
The Virginia Monologues... *new*
The Web Files *new*
The Wide Awake Cafe
The Wife and Mommy Blog **new**
the wonderful world of des
The Wooden Porch
The World of testosterone
thegreengreek *new*
There is a Season *new*
There is Power in Prayer through Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach! *new*
They're All Our Children! *new*
Things in Your Head *new*
Thinks By Me
This Eclectic Life *new*
This Is About Me *new*
This Is Me...like it or not.
thoughts of randomness *new*
Thoughts, Ideas and Wildfires
Three Kid Circus
three times three
Through His Eyes *new*
Thyme for Cooking, the Blog *new*
Tick A Too **new**
Tidbits and Treasures *new*
Tiger Lamb Girl *new*
Tiggerlane, the Neophyte Blogger
Time Flutters By
Time with Shelby *new*
Tina Ann Forkner
Tinned Tomatoes *new*
tinym.com *new*
Title Deleted for Security Reasons *new*
To Reflect His Glory
Toddler Tactics *new*
Tomorrow Is Another Day...
Tonic Gifts
Touching Heaven
Travel Betty *new*
Tricia's Musings
Trina’s Blog **new**
Truly Captivating *new*
Trying To Catch Up *new*
Trying to Panda
Tryin' to Imagine Bliss
Tutti Head *new*
Twisted Sisters *new*
Two Write Hands
Under the Sea
Unmasking the Goddess *new*
Unplug Your Kids *new*
Unquiet Heart *new*
Unseal my Lips
Up the Hill Gang *new*
Velveteen Mind *new*
Ventanahoos Candid *new*
Verb *new*
VF in FOCUS *new*
Virginia's Family Adventures
W.AY.A - bit of this and that
Waiting*For*Grace **new**
Wake up America
walking through doors *new*
Washoku Lean *bew*
Watch me! No, watch me!
WebExDesign.com/Blog *new*
Webkittyn Warbles
WebStyle *new*
Webtools *new*
Wedding Tips *new*
Welcome to my world
Welcome to My World *new*
Welcome to My World of Dreams
Well La-De-Da...
Well Soul *new*
Wendy's Whimsies
West of Mars
What Makes A Housewife Desperate?
what she said too *new*
What The Muffin?
What was I THINKING?
Whee! All the Way Home *new*
Where the Hell Am I?
Where’s Mommy’s Prozac? *new*
Wherever Ewe Go, There Ewe Are
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