Friday, May 12, 2006

Welcome to Nine New Blogging Chicks

Wow, our blogroll is growing by leaps and bounds! Awesome! Ten new blogs have been added by Michele! Thanks Michele for all you are doing to update it while in the midst of your studies for your final exams.

Today we welcome nine new Blogging Chicks.

Check out Suzie's, from Boca Raton FL, Assortted Babble. Check out her assorted posts and her News scroll.

Karen from Georgia, has an awesome post on Secrets and marriage, be sure to look for it at Changed by His Love.

Cheerios on My Butt from the southwest US, has some adorable photos of her kids at Children and Cheerios, On the Loose!

Mama C-ta from B’more city has a challenge to go figure out where "Cricket" is, be sure to stop by and guess!

Minnie from TX, can't wait to see some of her Minnie Moments from her hospital stay sounds like she made the best of the experience.

Beckie from New Hope, VA. Be sure to stop by My Fun Side to wish her a happy birthday because it's coming up soon. At My Photo Blog she's sharing some pictures taken with her new present. (Editted to Add) Check out Beckie's third blog to see what she is passionate about.

Nicki from Michigan thinks she a bad mom, go stop by Piled Seven High to help convince her that she isn't.

JenLo from Upstate NY; stop by Thinks By Me to find out what an "oreh" is.

Check out where Umm 'Skandar has been and how it has shaped her life at Umm 'Skandar: One mother's global interests.

Be sure to stop by and give a warm welcome to the new Blogging Chicks!
TTFN~Pamela Lynn