Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shout Out to More New Blogging Chicks

Well, in the frenzy of yesterday's new additions to the Blogging Chicks it seems I accidently missed a few of you. Truly sorry about that.

This is my first time posting here as a guest instead of emailing to Michele. Thanks Michele for the invite. Hope I'm doing a good job.

Suzanne from Vancouver Island, Canada has three of our new blogs on the list: at My Family Life her latest post has a video clip of her adorable daughter playing t-ball, at My Temptations she has some wonderful looking recipes and at Purple Pear she is posting about her pregnancy. Maybe one of us could help her out with her latest question there?

Welcome to Lifecrusier ! She has an awesome new name for our group of bloggers... we're in the "chickosphere"! And by the way... I guess I'm now a "blogging chick blogging chick blogging chick". Wow that could get confusing.

Hi to Tracy L from the Panhandle in FL. On her blog, Strong Enough she has an awesome self portrait collage for her introductions to herself.

Lala at LaLa Land Get Your Game Face On has a cool site.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello to all our new chicks!