Friday, June 30, 2006

Please Download Firefox

Ladies, some of you have very beautiful blogs that I know have taken a long time to design. They look Internet Explorer but in Firefox? Not so much. This happened to me when I first started messing with the templates. I thought that I did a get job when I added a graphic to the title bar of my blog and I was so pleased with the results until I downloaded Firefox and realized that the graphics was not centered properly. Very annoying and embarassing.

A lot of people use Firefox and so you need to see what they are seeing when they come to your blog. If you don't believe that you have many Firefox readers, go check your stats. More than half my readers this morning use Firefox as their browser.

Firefox is easy to download and install. Just click the graphic to download it. You can still use Internet Explorer but you will really be impressed with how nice Firefox is. It has a lot of great features like searching on the same word in different search engines all within one input box and you can add whatever search engine you want.

It also has tabbed windows. Instead of opening a new window, I can just open a new tab and do all my work within one window. Very cool feature. And there are tons off other features that I haven't had time to explore yet. Go to the link and read about some of the more important ones.

Updated to add: Little Orange Fox made this excellent point in the comments:
If you have dial up like me it cuts load time in half on everything to have firefox! It's like having high speed internet.
Another reason to get it that I forgot to mention, speed. It's a heck of a lot faster than IE.