Friday, June 23, 2006

Introductions, the Carnival and New Blogs

I will only be posting one or two a week so don't worry if you don't see it right away. I really want to give people a chance to focus on your blog when you take the time to submit an introduction.

Also, to make sure people notice that we have new blogs on the blogroll, I add "**New" to the name. I will leave it there for awhile and then I will take it off (probably in a month).

I didn't get a lot of Carnival submissions this week so you will be near the top if you submit now.

Please, please I'm begging and pleading with you on bended knee and throwing myself on your mercy, please link to the Carnival this Sunday whether you participate or not. And if you are participating, why aren't you linking? Please link to the Carnival so that we have tons of traffic and we do what the Carnival is intended to do, increase traffic to the blogs (this is my intention, it may not be your intention but this is what I'm trying to do, promote the blogs of women who might not be noticed otherwise and to increase exposure to blogs that already have a readership).

BTW, I'm adding a lot of great new blogs, so go and check them out and now that I've labeled them it should be a lot easier to see who is new :-). And if you are a new blog and I forgot to label you, email me and I will do it!

And to show you my dedication to you, I was adding blogs to the blogroll during my vacation to DC this week (what other blog owner does that :-). So, show me some love and link to the Carnival :-).