Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Introduction: Tracey from Chai Time Blog

My name is Tracey and, like many of us women, wear a multitude of hats. I’m married, have two boys (14 and 10yrs.) who I home schooled from the beginning (but one of them is now in high school). I care for my father who had a stroke in 1998. He lives with us (that should be a whole blog on its own). I am also a seven year breast cancer survivor.

I am the Vice President and Training Director for a ministry organization that serves the disadvantaged (with an emphasis on the mentally ill) and I am currently attending Seminary where I am working toward my Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling.

I love to write (I have a novel in progress) and garden. After much genealogical research I discovered I have a Jewish background on both sides of my family after spending my whole life inexplicably interested in all things Jewish, and have been a student of Judaism for over fifteen years. This informs my faith in many ways, for example, our family has integrated Jewish observances into our faith and observe the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), Pesach (Passover), Chanukah, and other holidays.