Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #3

Updated to add: I forgot one! So, sorry to Christina! Here it is:

Christina is inspired and uplifted when she sees the world through the eyes of a fifteen-month old li'l girl.

Please don't forget to link to the Carnival and if you emailed me a entry and you don't see it here let me know and I will post it.

Mary of Owlhaven tells why she Really Oughta Share Next Time...

Ever wonder why motherhood so hard? Shalee, of Shalee’s Diner, thinks she has this mystery solved… until something else changes.

Chi says of her What a Day post, "It is about an incident of animal abuse that sheba, one of my chihuahuas, experienced a few months ago."

Truevyne ruminates with Rumi and her personal struggle with waiting.

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch has a mortifying moment at the golf course.

Of Making Many Books there is not end for writer and mom of three, Rebecca Grabill. The Night of the Evil Gnomes explains everything, or at least why CBA publishers disdain faith-based fantasy.

a rambling blog weighs in on the mental illness stigma.

PENSIEVE discovers the lasting and positive influence her father had (and continues to have) in her life here, in spite of his inperfections; it's an encouragement to all dads who might think they're less than the model father.

Tricia takes on a beast in her very own backyard, and ends up wounded in the ensuing battle. What was she fighting and did she win in the end?

Susan on Imperfect Genius details the humorous lessons she learned during her most recent Vacation Experiences.

The Divas examine the dictates of a would-be feminst queen of the world and decide that women are smart enough to run their own lives.

As a part of Everyday Mommy's challenge to be content with our Everyday Things, Malissa shares her Raggedy Ann collection at Malissa's Merry Go Round.

Lisa at Lil' Duck Duck discusses the disturbing trend of treating children like dogs of late in her article, Treating children like dogs, now, are we?

Over at She Lives, Carol treasures a time she was able to do something to help those facing a disease for which there is no cure. Join her as She Takes a Walk.

Can you build friendships via the Internet? Iris thinks you can. Check
out what she has to say in her post Now Wait a Minute

Jennifer, from Snapshot, writes about her secret desire to be Amish, and her daughter's help around in the house in Pulling Her Weight.

Oprah Is In Town! Oprah and her entire staff is taking Maui by storm! Check out pictures from her Hawaiian Home.

Tracey of Chai Time Blog uses her time out in the garden to ward off the nagging fear about her upcoming mammogram. Being a seven year breast cancer survivor has its ups and downs, however the pictures of her garden just might cheer you up as well.

JenLo writes about discovering menu items that will pass as 'gourmet' for her son's discerning taste buds while convincing her husband and daughter not to turn up their noses at the dish.

Tess treads on dangerous ground ... care to live on the edge?

Michele of Life Under the Sun looks at judgmental hypocrites including herself :-).

Author Tasra Dawson introduces the first lesson in the Liberate Your Creativity workshop for scrapbookers, artists, writers, and all creative or aspiring creative people! Join her as she learns (and teaches) how to break through feelings of fear, frustration, and incompetence.

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee is celebrating one year of blogging. It's a year in review.