Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Blogging Chick Introduction: Jennifer of Snapshot

I asked for introductions and Jennifer of Snapshot emailed me this:

I'm Jennifer, and I started Snapshot back in March. My first entry tried to put words to some of the reasons why:
"In general, I feel like life is just blurring by, but in the midst of that, there are snapshots. Some may be significant, like my wedding day 13 years ago, or the first time I looked into the faces of the two babies that had grown inside of me for 9 months, but many are just a look at my life.
If I don't capture the snapshots, then hour after hour, day after day, does seem to blur, and many of the precious, funny or sad details might be lost. I guess that's what I'm going to try to capture here. A snapshot of a day, a moment, a feeling. . . . Perhaps by writing them down, they won't get lost in the blur, but will stand on their own."
I have enjoyed blogging more than I ever imagined I would--both writing and connecting to the blog community through reading and commenting on other blogs, and reading comments on mine. I try to post at least five times a week. Most of my posts end up falling into one of these categories:
  • reflections on changes I notice (or need) in my own personal life
  • observations and journaling about my kids and my marriage
  • sharing thoughts about my passions
    • studying the Bible and applying it to my life
    • reading (for me and my kids)
    • cooking