Sunday, June 11, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks # I

Jennifer writes about her wedding anniversary and that finding 'The One' happens when you stick it out during times when you don't feel like staying committed.

Tabz reveals more about her current family situation and dealing with the upcoming holiday - Father's Day.

Karen at Changed by His Love looks at the Cross and what a difference it has made in her life.

Jennifer at Sob'ah My Soul states that her post "is called A Letter To Myself, and as the title suggests, it's a letter that I wrote to my younger self when I reflected on the fact that throughout my adult years I've been unhappy with my body and my appearance. Now that I have the benefit of hindsight I can see how much time I wasted being unhappy with myself. If I could undo just one thing, that would be it."

Mary of Owlhaven explains why her house is Not A Licensed Establishment

In Dreaming What ifs... Karmyn finds that the love of chocolate begins very early in life and can quickly turn into an obsession!

Lisa contemplates the new d├ęcor that Lil’ Duck Duck has given to her coffee table, making it a unique piece of art for her living room.

Malissa at Malissa's Merry-Go-Round describes her feelings about her congregations 100+ year old church building.

Carol at She Lives enjoys a nice variety of activities, but doesn’t ever seem to do anything just for her self. Well, maybe there is this one exception.

Cheeriobuttt says this about her post: "I love my family and love to talk about them.They are my joy and my world! Okay so blogging is also my way of "getting out more"! Yes, I am a hermit, but against my own will! You just try dragging six little kids out with you and then trying to have a conversation while making threats to my children, someone screaming in my ear, and someone else emitting scary smells and sounds, and just see how many people want to hang out with you! Yeah, I thought so!"

Biker Betty's 2 part review (here and here) of the United Biker's Run in Colorado Springs, CO. This review includes how it was ran, where they went, and lots of photo's.

Suspense author Brandilyn Collins pens her true tale of woe, complete with a honkin' hole in her nose and murderous thoughts toward a certain doctor.

HolyMama declines a less than tempting offer to appear on television while wearing baby spit up.

Wystful One loved the movie Titanic, the props and costumes were on display! Go check out her pictures.

Ethel admits she has a problem, a candy problem, in her post about eating Skittles.

Over at Allthings2all there is a true story about a bar, a burglary and a stripper - and the difference between theory and practice. Go check out new Blogging Chick, Catez.

Queen Beth has realized that she is nothing without the people she loves. Yet she's beginning to see that she's pretty wonderful all by herself. Discovering who she is has become a journey that's bringing great happiness! Her Majesty's Throne

Paula takes a moment to teach her daughter an important lesson about "things".

Examining life and comparing it to Scripture, Iris thought about were to fit in the blogging world of Christian women who choose to stay home and raise their family. Read her entire post entitled Where do I fit in at Sting My Heart.

The Divas weigh in on the first amendment broughaha over Ann Coulter's book ads.

Mrs. Egg discusses the perils of shopping with two toddlers.

Supermom goes shopping for a dress and a waist to go along with it.

Peach talks about the friendships that are formed via blogging.

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee looks at the mother and daughter relationship in a post from July 2005.

Michele at Life Under the Sun, looks at the story of David and Goliath and sees Christ.