Sunday, July 23, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging chicks #7 Summer Theme

OK, by now you should know the drill :-) Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. Please email me if I forgot you, it doesn't mean I don't love you it just means I forgot to label your email. Please let me know if a link doesn't work. If you forgot all about the Carnival until Sunday or Monday, email me the description and a link to your post and I will add it to the Carnival.

Loni says of her post: "My Summer theme is regarding summertime blues for children, and helping them find things to do throughout the summer so moms don't continually hear 'I am bored, what can I do NOW, mom?'"

Michele of Life Under the Sun lists the top ten reasons why she loves summer.

Robin over at PENSIEVE becomes pensive as she savors the summer of 2006.

Dogfaceboy leaves only a couple of summer's Unguessed Miseries to your imagination in the latest lamentation from A Doggy's Life.

celebrates Blue Hole in Texas. What is it? You have to visit to see!

Michele compares summers then and summers now.

Lisa writes about Lil' Duck's pure, sweet joy in the simple act of swimming.

Visit Great Day as she takes the short and simple approach to summer, just the way it should be.

In Dreaming What ifs... Karmyn R reflects on a recent summer evening walk.

Brandi offers a little insight into her Summer Madness, but as a reward for trudging through her woes she shares a little summer treat with you.

Jana is enjoying her summer vacation, just like when she was a kid. Well, almost.

Beth's girls get into summertime by putting on musical numbers with choreography in their pool! It's a great way to beat the heat and entertain their Mommy!

Yellow Rose Garden says of her post "Summertime, when I think of summertime I think of lemonade, suntans, wearing light clothes, sandals, watermelon, Bar-B Q's.....just to name a few things. But it was in the summer of '83 that I met the man of my dreams. We call it our magical summer."

At Logoscentric, Katy uses free verse to describe "Summer in the Deep South."

Kailani of The Pink Diary posts about Summer in Hawaii.

Pamela pretends she is a poet as she waxes eloquently about summer and says she never waxes anything else.

Malissa's Merry Go Round spins too fast during EAA. Stop in and find out what it's all about.

Jen gives us the Reader's Digist verision of why this summer sucks.

Stop by Making Things Up to learn how Melissa's teeny, tiny, so-cute new baby (doesn't that just make you want to click the link?) is beating the heat. And while you're visiting, reassure this crazy mama that her baby is perfectly normal and not, in fact, a little monkey.

The Seasons Always Greener... The summer heat wave reminds Janice from "5 Minutes for Mom" how easy it is to long for what we don't have.

Suzy's post is a poem about a dream summer holiday.

Cathy blogs about summertime and baseball...

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch has had a pretty eventful summer with summer classes and her horse getting stuck in the mud. You have got to see these photos.

Owlhaven talks about The Place and why camping there is so special for her family.

Samantha says of her post: "Its me, grieving for summer vacation that is bout to end LOL"

Millicent posts about what summer means to her.