Friday, June 30, 2006

Please Download Firefox

Ladies, some of you have very beautiful blogs that I know have taken a long time to design. They look Internet Explorer but in Firefox? Not so much. This happened to me when I first started messing with the templates. I thought that I did a get job when I added a graphic to the title bar of my blog and I was so pleased with the results until I downloaded Firefox and realized that the graphics was not centered properly. Very annoying and embarassing.

A lot of people use Firefox and so you need to see what they are seeing when they come to your blog. If you don't believe that you have many Firefox readers, go check your stats. More than half my readers this morning use Firefox as their browser.

Firefox is easy to download and install. Just click the graphic to download it. You can still use Internet Explorer but you will really be impressed with how nice Firefox is. It has a lot of great features like searching on the same word in different search engines all within one input box and you can add whatever search engine you want.

It also has tabbed windows. Instead of opening a new window, I can just open a new tab and do all my work within one window. Very cool feature. And there are tons off other features that I haven't had time to explore yet. Go to the link and read about some of the more important ones.

Updated to add: Little Orange Fox made this excellent point in the comments:
If you have dial up like me it cuts load time in half on everything to have firefox! It's like having high speed internet.
Another reason to get it that I forgot to mention, speed. It's a heck of a lot faster than IE.

Carnival #6

You have until this Sunday to leave a comment about the Carnival #6 topic and then I will put it to the vote after that. So far we have a number of good possiblities so keep leaving comments. What topic should we all blog about for Carnival #6?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Introduction: Tracey from Chai Time Blog

My name is Tracey and, like many of us women, wear a multitude of hats. I’m married, have two boys (14 and 10yrs.) who I home schooled from the beginning (but one of them is now in high school). I care for my father who had a stroke in 1998. He lives with us (that should be a whole blog on its own). I am also a seven year breast cancer survivor.

I am the Vice President and Training Director for a ministry organization that serves the disadvantaged (with an emphasis on the mentally ill) and I am currently attending Seminary where I am working toward my Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling.

I love to write (I have a novel in progress) and garden. After much genealogical research I discovered I have a Jewish background on both sides of my family after spending my whole life inexplicably interested in all things Jewish, and have been a student of Judaism for over fifteen years. This informs my faith in many ways, for example, our family has integrated Jewish observances into our faith and observe the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), Pesach (Passover), Chanukah, and other holidays.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Carnival Graphics -- Thank you, Carolyn!

Hey! We have new graphics that you can use to announce the Carnival each week! They were created for me by a new blogger, who was just added to the blogroll today. Go check our her cute blog (and when you go there you will see why I called it cute -- that's the first thought you have when you look at it, "Isn't this cute"):

Instructional Videos

There are some on the blogroll who don't know that much about the technical side of blogging. For them I've made two videos that I've put on my Life Under the Sun blog. Here is a video on how to post a graphic in Blogger and here is a video on how to create a hyperlink in Blogger (so that you don't have a messy address in your post).

If there is anything else you would like me to demonstrate in Blogger, let me know.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank You Everyone and Future Carnivals

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who linked to the Carnival especially those who weren't in it. Please continue to advertise the Carnival because I think it will have a positive affect for the blogroll.

Next week's Carnival and the following week's Carnival will be current postings only but I would like the following week after that (Carnival #6), to be a theme Carnival and I'm going to let you guys pick the theme. What should we blog about? Let me know in the comment section.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #3

Updated to add: I forgot one! So, sorry to Christina! Here it is:

Christina is inspired and uplifted when she sees the world through the eyes of a fifteen-month old li'l girl.

Please don't forget to link to the Carnival and if you emailed me a entry and you don't see it here let me know and I will post it.

Mary of Owlhaven tells why she Really Oughta Share Next Time...

Ever wonder why motherhood so hard? Shalee, of Shalee’s Diner, thinks she has this mystery solved… until something else changes.

Chi says of her What a Day post, "It is about an incident of animal abuse that sheba, one of my chihuahuas, experienced a few months ago."

Truevyne ruminates with Rumi and her personal struggle with waiting.

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch has a mortifying moment at the golf course.

Of Making Many Books there is not end for writer and mom of three, Rebecca Grabill. The Night of the Evil Gnomes explains everything, or at least why CBA publishers disdain faith-based fantasy.

a rambling blog weighs in on the mental illness stigma.

PENSIEVE discovers the lasting and positive influence her father had (and continues to have) in her life here, in spite of his inperfections; it's an encouragement to all dads who might think they're less than the model father.

Tricia takes on a beast in her very own backyard, and ends up wounded in the ensuing battle. What was she fighting and did she win in the end?

Susan on Imperfect Genius details the humorous lessons she learned during her most recent Vacation Experiences.

The Divas examine the dictates of a would-be feminst queen of the world and decide that women are smart enough to run their own lives.

As a part of Everyday Mommy's challenge to be content with our Everyday Things, Malissa shares her Raggedy Ann collection at Malissa's Merry Go Round.

Lisa at Lil' Duck Duck discusses the disturbing trend of treating children like dogs of late in her article, Treating children like dogs, now, are we?

Over at She Lives, Carol treasures a time she was able to do something to help those facing a disease for which there is no cure. Join her as She Takes a Walk.

Can you build friendships via the Internet? Iris thinks you can. Check
out what she has to say in her post Now Wait a Minute

Jennifer, from Snapshot, writes about her secret desire to be Amish, and her daughter's help around in the house in Pulling Her Weight.

Oprah Is In Town! Oprah and her entire staff is taking Maui by storm! Check out pictures from her Hawaiian Home.

Tracey of Chai Time Blog uses her time out in the garden to ward off the nagging fear about her upcoming mammogram. Being a seven year breast cancer survivor has its ups and downs, however the pictures of her garden just might cheer you up as well.

JenLo writes about discovering menu items that will pass as 'gourmet' for her son's discerning taste buds while convincing her husband and daughter not to turn up their noses at the dish.

Tess treads on dangerous ground ... care to live on the edge?

Michele of Life Under the Sun looks at judgmental hypocrites including herself :-).

Author Tasra Dawson introduces the first lesson in the Liberate Your Creativity workshop for scrapbookers, artists, writers, and all creative or aspiring creative people! Join her as she learns (and teaches) how to break through feelings of fear, frustration, and incompetence.

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee is celebrating one year of blogging. It's a year in review.

Cool Blogroll Display

Go check out how Mrs. Lifecruiser displays her blogroll. How cool is that!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Introductions, the Carnival and New Blogs

I will only be posting one or two a week so don't worry if you don't see it right away. I really want to give people a chance to focus on your blog when you take the time to submit an introduction.

Also, to make sure people notice that we have new blogs on the blogroll, I add "**New" to the name. I will leave it there for awhile and then I will take it off (probably in a month).

I didn't get a lot of Carnival submissions this week so you will be near the top if you submit now.

Please, please I'm begging and pleading with you on bended knee and throwing myself on your mercy, please link to the Carnival this Sunday whether you participate or not. And if you are participating, why aren't you linking? Please link to the Carnival so that we have tons of traffic and we do what the Carnival is intended to do, increase traffic to the blogs (this is my intention, it may not be your intention but this is what I'm trying to do, promote the blogs of women who might not be noticed otherwise and to increase exposure to blogs that already have a readership).

BTW, I'm adding a lot of great new blogs, so go and check them out and now that I've labeled them it should be a lot easier to see who is new :-). And if you are a new blog and I forgot to label you, email me and I will do it!

And to show you my dedication to you, I was adding blogs to the blogroll during my vacation to DC this week (what other blog owner does that :-). So, show me some love and link to the Carnival :-).

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Blogging Chick Introduction: Jennifer of Snapshot

I asked for introductions and Jennifer of Snapshot emailed me this:

I'm Jennifer, and I started Snapshot back in March. My first entry tried to put words to some of the reasons why:
"In general, I feel like life is just blurring by, but in the midst of that, there are snapshots. Some may be significant, like my wedding day 13 years ago, or the first time I looked into the faces of the two babies that had grown inside of me for 9 months, but many are just a look at my life.
If I don't capture the snapshots, then hour after hour, day after day, does seem to blur, and many of the precious, funny or sad details might be lost. I guess that's what I'm going to try to capture here. A snapshot of a day, a moment, a feeling. . . . Perhaps by writing them down, they won't get lost in the blur, but will stand on their own."
I have enjoyed blogging more than I ever imagined I would--both writing and connecting to the blog community through reading and commenting on other blogs, and reading comments on mine. I try to post at least five times a week. Most of my posts end up falling into one of these categories:
  • reflections on changes I notice (or need) in my own personal life
  • observations and journaling about my kids and my marriage
  • sharing thoughts about my passions
    • studying the Bible and applying it to my life
    • reading (for me and my kids)
    • cooking

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks # 2

Updated: For the last two weeks of compiling this list, I feared that I would leave someone off and it happened this week. My apologies to Beth for forgetting to add her link! Here it is:

Beth, speaking of a big carnival site and her own Carnival, says, "And here is the site they go to in order to participate-they enter their information, post, blog url, blog title, post title, trackback, I get an email-post to my blog, so you see how it goes, one big circle. Another way of getting traffic to all the blogs in the blogroll.

This is the link where they submit the info. The Stupid People Carnival should already be highlighted, if not this is the one they choose. Once I post the actual submissions, I ping his site and it all goes from there."

Please don't forget to link to the Carnival whether you are in it or not.

What happens when the characters you create for a novel e-mail you in real life? Suspense author Brandilyn Collins tells how it happened to her--twice. (Part 1 of story)

Tabz at Stupid People Shouldn't Breed, writes a letter to her future self about how to avoid stupidity in the upcoming days.

Lisa at Lil’ Duck Duck wishes for sleep and a new keyboard in this account of her day with the little one.

Kellie over at Mrs. Egg and Her Little Chickies comes clean about her obsession with Home Depot.

Kailani of The Pink Diary submitted a post entitled, Hit By Flying Poop. It's about what happens when you don't do a diaper change fast enough!

HolyMama recalls a flawed, but unforgettable ballet performance.

Beth was given freedom from wondering if her deceased Grandmother would have been proud of her by discovering she had struggled with many of the same things in her life too. No longer was she the perfect saint, she was real, she was human, she was wonderful!

Regina Clare Jane ponders the parallel universe, in which going home and growing up don't necessarily mean the same thing.

Malissa at Malissa's Merry-go-round tackles the challenges of summer in Pool Problems.

Tess is reminded of God’s design in a … paperclip?

Comic Mummy finds blockbuster potential in a morning from hell.

Polly at Life is a Buffet tells us it's time to get out of our comfort zone and get wet. Caution: You'll need an umbrella!

In Dreaming What Ifs... Karmyn R discovers that being an adult can have its advantages - especially while driving the Gorge in the Spring.

Shna of Shna's Crazed Rantings says: "This post just about sums up all my doubts in one nice little self loathing package. Now don't run away screaming just yet, its all in good fun :) This post actually tells a lot about me, it all depends on whether you read it with a positive or negative spin. Hint - read it with a smile on your face, that's how I wrote it :)"

Biker Betty's motorcycle adventure in a Moonlight Run. Betty's a female who loves to ride her own motorcycle and share the fun with others.

Christina bids a sad farewell to her beloved husband as he embarks on his first-ever truck driving odyssey.

Memes circulate throughtout the blogosphere and are a fun and interesting way to get to know people. Catez has posted the best meme ever! You really don't want to miss out on this one - of all the memes that go round this one is very different.

Jennifer, Snapshot looks at how friends impact who she is (becoming).

Maritzia talks about her connection, or disconnection as it were, with the feminine aspects of the divine.

Margalit talks about how your private information, such as your social security number and your mother's maiden name are not only not private, but are available online for anyone willing to search for them through public records at your county courthouse.

Kristied over from Just Venting has something to say about tipping when you go out to eat. Ever wonder what the servers in your favorite restaurants have to deal with everyday? Well, here are some tips and just general information that may make yours and the servers night that much better. And yes, it was after a bad day at work.

The Divas suggest the Dixie Chicks get some remedial American history education.

Suzy says this of her post entitled, Gifts from God, "I wrote it when my son was sick, and I realised how lucky I was that all he had was a tummy bug."

Father's Day is a day to honor our earthly fathers - although we should honor them all 365 days of the year. Iris at Sting my Heart remembers her father and what he meant to her in her entry "Different Thankful Thursday - A Tribute"

Ethel shares special moments with her dad with her readers in a Father's Day post.

Michele of Life Under the Sun looks at the Beautitudes.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


When I started this blogroll I would write a little introduction to each of the blogs but over time I was overwhelmed by the amount of all the new blogs I added and haven't been able to keep up and even assemble just a list of the blogs (I'm adding them too quickly), so I wanted to allow you guys to opportunity to introduce yourselves. If you want to write an introduction and submit it, I will publish it here on the Metablog.

Comments and Profanity

I didn't realize that the comments were for Blogger members only, I've changed it so that anyone can comment.

I also wanted to let every know that the policy on profanity is what it's been since the beginning of this blogroll and that is I will add blogs to this blogroll that use profanity but I will not add blogs that use it in an excessive amount (this is a subjective criteria that I've tried to explain but can't, you are just going to have to trust me on this one). What I changed was how I said it. Profanity is pervasive in our society and it is used everywhere and by practically everyone. Today people view it as a way of expressing themselves and I would be excluding many fine blogs by limiting this blogroll to only those blogs that don't use profanity.

I hope that this clears up any confusion. I really don't want to spend anymore of my time addressing this issue because I really look at this as a minor point. If you have a problem with this, you can email me and we can talk about it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We have 150 blogs!! I can't believe how quickly we've grown. That's 150 in 3 months, pretty cool.

I've streamlined the guidelines for joining the blogroll

I'm having more problems with the profanity issue, another blog has left the blogroll and I was accussed of being a censor and dictator. I'm not either, so I streamlined the guidelines to clarify what's up with the blogroll. I'm letting you know because I don't want to be accused of trying to hide something here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Carnival of the Blogging Chicks! And an extra big thank you for those who linked to the Carnival.

If you are bummed that you forgot or didn't realize that we were having it (I told you guys to check the Metablog for announcements), we will be having another one next week. You can start sending me your submissions now (this Carnival is only open to those on the Blogging Chicks Blogroll). Since so many have expressed an interesting in participating next time, I thought I would allow any type of post again. You can send me anything you want no matter how old, just email me a brief summary of your submission. Now you have an example of what it looks like and the type of things people are posting.

And I will once again put them in the order that I receive them. Last time, that was almost immediately after I posted. You have to be quick to be first! And if you noticed, I was last because I received my own link last :-).

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks # I

Jennifer writes about her wedding anniversary and that finding 'The One' happens when you stick it out during times when you don't feel like staying committed.

Tabz reveals more about her current family situation and dealing with the upcoming holiday - Father's Day.

Karen at Changed by His Love looks at the Cross and what a difference it has made in her life.

Jennifer at Sob'ah My Soul states that her post "is called A Letter To Myself, and as the title suggests, it's a letter that I wrote to my younger self when I reflected on the fact that throughout my adult years I've been unhappy with my body and my appearance. Now that I have the benefit of hindsight I can see how much time I wasted being unhappy with myself. If I could undo just one thing, that would be it."

Mary of Owlhaven explains why her house is Not A Licensed Establishment

In Dreaming What ifs... Karmyn finds that the love of chocolate begins very early in life and can quickly turn into an obsession!

Lisa contemplates the new d├ęcor that Lil’ Duck Duck has given to her coffee table, making it a unique piece of art for her living room.

Malissa at Malissa's Merry-Go-Round describes her feelings about her congregations 100+ year old church building.

Carol at She Lives enjoys a nice variety of activities, but doesn’t ever seem to do anything just for her self. Well, maybe there is this one exception.

Cheeriobuttt says this about her post: "I love my family and love to talk about them.They are my joy and my world! Okay so blogging is also my way of "getting out more"! Yes, I am a hermit, but against my own will! You just try dragging six little kids out with you and then trying to have a conversation while making threats to my children, someone screaming in my ear, and someone else emitting scary smells and sounds, and just see how many people want to hang out with you! Yeah, I thought so!"

Biker Betty's 2 part review (here and here) of the United Biker's Run in Colorado Springs, CO. This review includes how it was ran, where they went, and lots of photo's.

Suspense author Brandilyn Collins pens her true tale of woe, complete with a honkin' hole in her nose and murderous thoughts toward a certain doctor.

HolyMama declines a less than tempting offer to appear on television while wearing baby spit up.

Wystful One loved the movie Titanic, the props and costumes were on display! Go check out her pictures.

Ethel admits she has a problem, a candy problem, in her post about eating Skittles.

Over at Allthings2all there is a true story about a bar, a burglary and a stripper - and the difference between theory and practice. Go check out new Blogging Chick, Catez.

Queen Beth has realized that she is nothing without the people she loves. Yet she's beginning to see that she's pretty wonderful all by herself. Discovering who she is has become a journey that's bringing great happiness! Her Majesty's Throne

Paula takes a moment to teach her daughter an important lesson about "things".

Examining life and comparing it to Scripture, Iris thought about were to fit in the blogging world of Christian women who choose to stay home and raise their family. Read her entire post entitled Where do I fit in at Sting My Heart.

The Divas weigh in on the first amendment broughaha over Ann Coulter's book ads.

Mrs. Egg discusses the perils of shopping with two toddlers.

Supermom goes shopping for a dress and a waist to go along with it.

Peach talks about the friendships that are formed via blogging.

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee looks at the mother and daughter relationship in a post from July 2005.

Michele at Life Under the Sun, looks at the story of David and Goliath and sees Christ.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thanks G a b r i e l l e!

Thanks to G a b r i e l l e of - a m e t a m o r p h o s e l f we have some cute buttons:

We are really blessed to have such talented Blogging Chicks!

Linking to the Carnival

Please don't forget to link to the Carnival tomorrow. Even if you didn't participate, please still link to it.

Thanks Tabz!

From Tabz of Stupid People Shouldn't Breed more icons! Aren't they cute!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks

I thought this was obvious but I guess not, you have to be a member of the Blogging Chicks Blogroll to participate in the Carnival of the Blogging Chicks. This is one of the incentives to join. We are promoting those blogs on the blogroll not chick blogs in general (though I love supporting an promoting chick blogs, so join the blogroll).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks Submission Guidelines

For those who are new to Carnivals, here is a definition:

...where someone takes the time to find really good blog posts on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a blog post called a "carnival".

Our topic is us, these posts will reflect us. What we like, what we blog about, who we are. These things will be reflected in whatever post you choose to submit.

The deadline for submission to the Carnival of the Blogging Chicks will be midnight, Saturday, June 10. Please email me a summary statement of what your post is about. Here is an example of a submission I made to the Christian Carnival:

Michele continues looking at the context of the story of Samson and Delilah by examining the significance of the lion and the honey in Judges 14.

Go here for other examples.

Email me the html code. Make sure that you include in your summary statement a link to the post, not your entire blog.

You can submit anything you want. There are no rules this week regarding the date of your posting but in the future you will only be able to submit recent content (within the week of the last Carnival) and we may have topics occasionally but for the most part this Carnival is about you.

Now, as a special incentive to get those summaries to me early, they will be listed in the order I receive them. And look, I've already received mine, so I'm first! (hehe) No, I'm not going to be that mean, I'm going to refrain from taking first (I'll settle for second :-).

So, what are you waiting for, email me :-).

Also, make sure you post that we are doing this so both your readers and other Blogging Chicks will know to come here on Sunday and read what was submitted.

Updated to add: Ok, you all realized I mean midnight EST, right? We are going by the time in my time zone since I'm the one who is going to try to put this together before she goes to church. I hope to have it up before 9:00AM EST.

Announcement: Tabz

She is looking for a guest blogger. Go here for details.

Posting Problems

I had problems with blogger yesterday and also with the blogroll. Sorry I didn't put up the guidelines yet. I will do so today. After I do, I would appreciate it if you could link to it so that the other Blogging Chicks who don't check the Metablog will find out that they have the opportunity to submit something. I tried to let everyone know but I missed a lot of sites.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our First Announcement! Ethel's Photo Challenge

Enjoy taking pictures, but not feeling inspired these days? Ethel's Photo Challenge might be just what you need to get you and your camera back in action. Each week, Ethel posts 5 words, phrases or topics on her blog. This is where the fun begins. The goal is to think creatively and get out and take new pictures. At the end of the week, Ethel posts her pictures and links to all the participating blogs. So get out there and enjoy the nice weather and take some pictures!

Updated to add: I fixed the links. Sorry, I should have checked that.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Carnival of Blogging Chicks

One of my plans for the Metablog is to use it as a way to promote your blogs. At first I thought we might use an aggregator but the problem with an aggregator is that you get everything, the good and the bad. The minor post about your sinus infection as well as your more important post about your Samson study (to use my own blog as an example :-). The good stuff can sometimes be buried under the bad stuff. And with so many bloggers, those who post more frequently will bury those who post once a day or once a week.

Doing a Carnival instead allows you to pick the material you want to promote. You have control over what you submit. We will post it here once a week, on Sunday and I will have to receive the posts by Saturday to be included the next day. We will not start this Sunday but the following Sunday.

I will post the guidelines next week. This post was just to introduce the idea and see if there is any interest.

I hope that you will participate and that we can provide those who come here with some interesting content and a nice introduction to the material on your blog. Not only do we get traffic from the Blogging Chicks and the readers of our blogs but from people who click on the "Next Blog" button on Blogger and from those on the Blogger Chicks blogroll and their readers as well. Great potential for increased traffic.