Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Email Address:


As you can tell I'm back! And I wanted to mention that there are some far-sighted people who have subscribed to our site feed through Bloglines. This is a brilliant idea and I wanted to recommend this to others. This is an easy way to keep up with any announcements that I might make here at the Metablog such as the one that I plan to make later tonight.

Update: The Rule Change

This rule change has made my work soooo much easier, why in the world didn't I think of this before?

Pull Down Menu Colors

Go over to Dani's and check out how the pull down buttons look in white, very sharp!

If you have trouble using the code generator because you're not sure what hexadecimal number to use, go here and it will help you select a color and will give you the hexadecimal number for that color.

Policy Change

I decided to enact a change in how I do the blogroll. Up to this point I have added the blog before I sent out the code, now I will only add the blog after the code is installed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Internet Connection!

I'm unable to access the Internet from my home (I'm posting this from the library) for a few days (or whenever it's fixed). I will try to get to the library at least once a day to post (to my blogs) and check my email and comments.

That means no new additions. Email me your url and I will process them in the order that I receive them.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pull Down Menu

Instead of a scroll bar you could use a pull down menu. You can get the code here.

(Link via Tabz)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blogroll Change

The blogroll is now sorted alphabetically. I did this because it is impossible for me to go to a particular site and it will only get worse when we add more women.

Code for Everything But the Blogroll

Important update: make sure you take the code that is in your template and put it in place of the words "PUT BLOGROLL TEXT HERE"

Finally! Here is all the code except for the blogroll and if you have any problems, email me (Blogging chicks only, everyone else is on their own :-). Also, check the icon url and make sure that an extra http and this, not-a-real-namespace wasn't added to the url. Take it out if it was.

Scroll bar:

Scroll box:

Your Announcement Here

I wanted to let everyone know about a new feature I'm starting here at the Metablog (now, you'll see why I've been calling it that :-). Any new feature or an on going feature that you're doing on your blog could be announced here; something unique to you that would be of interest to others.

You write the announcement, put in a link to your blog, make sure you write it in the third person and then email me the html code. Now, for those of you who are new to blogging, pretend like you're going to post something to your blog, when you are done writing go to edit html and copy the html code from there and email it to me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Is anyone interested in helping with the welcome messages? I don't have time to do them because I'm too busy adding people and helping install the code :-).

Cute Announcement Graphic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Make sure you point the graphic here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More icons and an announcement graphic

If you don't like our cute little cranky bird here are some more options:

Take what you want. These were created by Tabz when we were coming up with an icon for the blogroll.

Also,Wystful 1 has an icon that she created.

Also, instead of writing an announcement about the group you could post this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Isn't cute? This was created by G a b r i e l l e. I love being on a blogroll with creative people.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Update: Let me make this clear

Re-reading this post I realize that I sounded really harsh and I didn't mean to be. I didn't mean to imply that I would take you off without any warning. I would find out why you don't have the blogroll up. I apologize to anyone I alarmed. If you've had problems, I wasn't talking to you anyway. I was talking to the people who never put up the blogroll or who took it down because it was too long. If you've done that and want to be part of the blogroll, you will have to put the blogroll back into your template and then use the scroll bar that I posted.

At this moment no one has the blogroll because blogrolling is not working right now.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Scroll Bars

Here is the code for two different scroll bars:

Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!!!!! Don't use that swear word, swear word code that I posted here. Please email me what type of scroll bar you want and I will send the code until I can figure out how to post swear word html code.

Sometimes you have to use swear words to express your emotions :-).

Hey! Look what I found clicking through the blogroll

OK, so I started checking to make sure everyone has the blogroll up and I found some cool things. Go check out the icon for the Blogging Chicks blogroll over at Created for His Glory, too funny! And check out how the blogroll looks over at Life is a Buffet. I have no idea how she did that, it is too cool.

Let me make this very clear

If your blog is on this blogroll, it has to display the blogroll. If it doesn't your blog will not be on the blogroll. I'm going through the list this week and removing every blog that doesn't have the blogroll on it. Everyone benefits if everyone carries the blogroll. Why should I have a link to your blog, if you are not linking to me? Your ranking in Technorita, google, yahoo, msn search and TLB increases but mine (and when I say mine, I'm including all the other women who are carrying the blogroll) does not. How does that benefit me?

Friday, May 19, 2006

100! Yes, we are there!! WooHoo!

It is my joy to tell you that we've just added our 100th blog today!!!!! Yes, we have 100 blogs on our blogroll and it's all thanks to you guys, you are great. And we did it in only 3 months (can we stand another exclamation point, I think we can :-)!

Drum roll, please. And the winner goes to:


She explains the title of her blog here. Please go over and congratulate her for having the 100th blog in our blogroll. Because of her, we made my goal :-) much earlier.

Now, let's start on 200!

Shout out to Seven New Chicks

Welcome to seven new Blogging Chicks! ETA: I had to correct the count.

Welcome to Leslie from Texas! Check out haply thinking to see what her kids should be on the look out for.

Hi to keltic&swiss from the US! Let her know if you have any book recommendations at I Read So You Don't Have To.

Not only is she moving 3/4 of the world away, she's moved her blog to show she's moving Into Australia.

Welcome to snarkypants Lisa! Gotta love her... she admits that "a clean house is a sign of a broken computer".

Hello to Writer Mom Nan, from Canada. She's already loving the group or is it maybe just Michele's new picture on the sidebar.

Hi to Whispers of the Morning! We may just have to ask her to speak up a bit though.

Welcome to Paula from Altlanta! Check out her stories to "walk by faith" at Paula's Walk.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello to all the new chicks.
TTFN~Pamela Lynn

I Really Hate IE

I was going to blog about something else but I noticed that stupid IE pushed the sidebar down because of the graphic I put in there last night. I'm fixing it. I think I'll just shrink the size of the graphic. Everyone should be using Firefox anyway! The blogs looks so much better with it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey, Blogging Chicks!

If you haven't mentioned the blogroll in a while, now would be a good time to do so. Your readers might not realize that we have close to 100 blogs. You might mention that the 100th blog will get a special award for their blog and a place of honor on our blog.

We Have Slowed Down!

I am so bumming because we are soooooo close to 100 blogs and yet, no new requests today. What's up? I know we have a lot of visitors to this site. What's it going to take to get you to commit? I've got some interesting things planned for the blogroll. You might want to be a part of it. Do you want to have your blog promoted here, on our metablog that gets an average of 74 hits a day (I know that's not a lot but it's growing)? And not just a shout out but you can pick the article that you want us to promote. Got a new feature you want to tell others about, why not do it here?

Come on people, please commit. Don't make me get all used-car-salepersony here!

Shout Out to Two New Blogging Chicks

We're up to 92 now, isn't it awesome!

Dani from MD has a second blog listed now; Dani's Daily Thoughts! Go check out some beautiful poetry that she's posted for Grandma's.

Hello to Seraphim from Cypress! Stop by to check out some of her thoughtful posts at Seraphim's Journal of Muses.

Hi to KP from the US! Check out some posts about her life with her little ones at Basket-Balls & Baby-Dolls.

Please be sure to stop by wand welcome all the new chicks!
Pamela Lynn

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Go Check Out -a m e t a m o r p h o s e l f

Gabrielle did an excellent job installing the blogroll. It continously scrolls and when you put your cursor over the Blogging Chicks title a little "Click here to join" text box popsup. Very cute. Excellent job!


Now, we are at 90!


According to Pamela, I'm off by one, we are only at 89.

Also, go to my blog and check out my blogrolls. I used < style="height:250px; overflow:auto;"> to make all my blogrolls uniform with the style of my linked list. Go check it out. If you use this make sure you include the ending tag < /div> and take out the spaces.

Shout Out to Three More Chicks

OK, this is the last one for a bit... I think I will have caught up with all the additions Michele did last night. (Cool how fast the blogroll is growing, isn't it?)

Hello to Kellie! Take a peak how she spent her mother's day at Mrs. Egg and Her Little Chickies. I have a dumb question (and only in kidding) if she's Mrs. Egg how can she be a blogging chick yet? Sorry, I couldn't help it...

Welcome to Kdubs from the East Coast! Please check out the beautiful artwork her husband did of her at Reflections of a not so Ordinary Mom.

Hi Welshy from the United Kingdom! Check out her new layout background at 威爾士女孩 Green pastures, still waters.

Please be sure to stop by and welcome all the new Blogging Chicks.
TTFN~Pamela Lynn

Shout Out to Four More Chicks

As promised here's another group of welcomes. Please be sure to stop by and welcome all the new Blogging Chicks.

Welcome to Rach from Vancouver Island! Take a peak at her life at Dutch Femka.

Hi to Kristie at Eva Las Vegas! Go see where she recently vacationed, it sounds wonderful!

Hello Michelle from Washington! You have to go see her concert flutist and her little man at Faith, Family & Friends, they are just adorable.

Be sure to wish Marie from Sweden safe travels on her summer sailing at

Pamela Lynn

Shout Out to Four New Chicks

Morning all! There's about a dozen new chicks that I need to welcome to the Blogging Chicks but I need to just welcome a few at a time today.

Welcome to Gabrielle from Jakarta, Indonesia! Check out her "Quickie" sidebar of stuff about her at -a m e t a m o r p h o s e l f, she has some pretty cool things.

Hey Tasha from South-eastern Michigan. Stop by A Day in the Life of..... and take a peek at some of the pictures of her two precious daughters.

Hi to Pia from NY. At Courting Destiny she discsses subjects dear to her heart, great reading.

Hello Dani from MD. Check out her artwork at - The Blog.

Please be sure to stop by and welcome all the new chicks!
TTFN~Pamela Lynn

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome to Ten New Chicks

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to post these welcomes earlier, I kind of took a break from the computer yesterday. I know there are many more then ten new chicks but for tonight I'm only going to post a few of the welcomes, I'll catch up tomorrow... Thanks Michele for all the work you do to add the blog roll!

Welcome to the youngest (I think?) blogging chick... conservativekat at A Place for Politics.

Check out Bex Life to see what life is like in paradise.

Check out Elle's random conversation at Domesticated Bloggage.

Check out why Kristie's blog has the name Martha's Distraction.

Get a dose of sarcasm from Boodafli in SC at the Peanut Gallery.

Welcome to Tori from The OC! Check out how her day started today at Queen Victoria.

Shna from Prince Edward Island has a cool idea, love her BQotD at Shna's Crazed Rantings.

Welcome to Little Miss Chatterbox! Check out where she went with her American Girls group at The Chatterbox Chronicles.

Little Orange Fox from AlabamaThe Outlaw Republican. Thanks for the shout out to "visit the next big thing in bloggin"!

Check out Margalit's self introduction, pretty cool, at What was I THINKING?

Be sure to stop by and welcome all our new Blogging Chicks!
TTFN~Pamela Lynn


I thought that we would make 100 by summer but at the rate we are going, we will probably make 100 by Friday!

I'm back!

If you want to join, email me but check the rules first (go here).

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm Gone Until Tuesday

I will not be adding anymore blogs until Tuesday night. If you want to join, email me but you won't hear from me until Tuesday.

To join go here.

Scroll Bar for the Blogroll

I got the above from three different people yesterday: Beth, Pamela Lynn and Killired. Thanks!

Updated to add: I had to take the scroll bar down because I don't want people posting the group until I've accepted them into the group. If you want the scroll bar, email me.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Update on the scroll bars for your blogroll

I will be posting the code later on today for the scroll bars for your blogroll.

To Join

To join the Blogging Chicks go here.

Truth Laid Bear

If everyone on the blogroll was registered with Truth Laid Bear, everyone on the blogroll would be a Flappy Bird! Something to think about. Register here.


We have 70 blogs on the blogroll. I want to hit 100 by the end of summer. When I'm done with finals, the first thing I'm going to do is find and post a way to do scroll boxes. I need them myself because I can't join anymore blogrolls until I get them :-). I've reached critical mass on Reformed Chicks Blabbing.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Welcome to Nine New Blogging Chicks

Wow, our blogroll is growing by leaps and bounds! Awesome! Ten new blogs have been added by Michele! Thanks Michele for all you are doing to update it while in the midst of your studies for your final exams.

Today we welcome nine new Blogging Chicks.

Check out Suzie's, from Boca Raton FL, Assortted Babble. Check out her assorted posts and her News scroll.

Karen from Georgia, has an awesome post on Secrets and marriage, be sure to look for it at Changed by His Love.

Cheerios on My Butt from the southwest US, has some adorable photos of her kids at Children and Cheerios, On the Loose!

Mama C-ta from B’more city has a challenge to go figure out where "Cricket" is, be sure to stop by and guess!

Minnie from TX, can't wait to see some of her Minnie Moments from her hospital stay sounds like she made the best of the experience.

Beckie from New Hope, VA. Be sure to stop by My Fun Side to wish her a happy birthday because it's coming up soon. At My Photo Blog she's sharing some pictures taken with her new present. (Editted to Add) Check out Beckie's third blog to see what she is passionate about.

Nicki from Michigan thinks she a bad mom, go stop by Piled Seven High to help convince her that she isn't.

JenLo from Upstate NY; stop by Thinks By Me to find out what an "oreh" is.

Check out where Umm 'Skandar has been and how it has shaped her life at Umm 'Skandar: One mother's global interests.

Be sure to stop by and give a warm welcome to the new Blogging Chicks!
TTFN~Pamela Lynn

Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's amazing how many people come here and yet don't join. What is up with that?

Shout out to Six New Blogging Chicks

Michele has been busy adding more chicks to the group! Isn't it awesome?

Hi to Mia from NY! She has some great graphics for her blog and found an awesome chicks picture for her shout out on Mia: Shaken Not Stirred!

Hello to Susan from Ohio! Her request is "Please dont hangupon me just yet...try me out."

Welcome to another scrapbooker! Karmyn R from Oregon at Dreaming What Ifs.

Hi to Lauren at Created for HIS Glory. Love her honesty about herself, check out some of her title bar items or even her Thursday Thirteen to see what I mean.

Jade from Arizona has two unique looks for her site Jaded Sunburns. They are both pretty cool.

Welcome to Owlhaven! She grew up in a family with 8 children and now she is a home schooling mom of 8 children.

Pamela Lynn

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to New Blogging Chicks

Well it looks like it's been a busy weekend. Wanted to give a big welcome to our new Blogging Chicks, I'm sorry it couldn't have been last night, we were very tired after the trip over the weekend.

Hi to Tricia from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She's author of two of our new blogs on the list Tricia's Musings and Odd Planet. Check out her profile on Odd Planet for an interesting birth date.

Hello to Eph2810 from Arizona. Her two blogs are Sting My Heart and My Lighter Side. Check out her new layout, on the Lighter Side, it's very pretty.

Hey to KristieD from Florida. She has a beautiful post about her mom on Just Venting.

Welcome to Natalie from Ottawa! Love the warning sign in the side bar on Said the Girl.

Pamela Lynn

Monday, May 08, 2006

Wanted HTML Savvy Chick

I want to post the code for the template here on the blog, I think that would be easier and less error prone. So, I'm looking for a scrollable text box. I found a website that has the code but I don't have time to mess with it. Is anyone who knows what they're doing interested in helping?

Also, I want to make code available for a scrollable box for the blogroll.

If anyone can help me I would be very grateful and you would have my love and affection but not my cash :-).

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Thursday Thirteen Group

Hey, I noticed that the Thursday Thirteen blogroll has a scroll window that they give to their group. Do you think we should make something like that available? We are going to need something real soon, especially if we keep adding sites at the rate we're doing it now. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Need a New Template?

Why use the same template that everyone else is using when you can have one custom designed for you. One of our Blogging Chicks, Beth, does web design. I think she creates great templates and she's cheap. Check out her prices:
Templates*: $15, includes coding and custom images. Additional image packs (link back buttons, anti-pixel and avatar) the pack of 3 an extra $3.
*WordPress Themes AND Installation*: $20, includes coding of template, (or hacking of template if they choose a premade theme they want customized-with original author’s credits in place as well as my modification credit, which is basically what most WordPress themes are) plus uploading via ftp to their site for installation. They must already have a webhost company which supports php/mysql. I’ll set the database up for them-with permission for access to do so. If they want plugins installed and integrated in the blog this is an additional $1 per plugin.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Problem with the Blogroll

I bet that there is a DNS attack on That is the site that I use for the blogroll and that is why you don't have us on your blog. Don't touch the code, let's see if this is temporary. I did notice that other blogrolls weren't affected but I went to and I got a weird error message.
Email Address:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gmail Problems

I can't access my account. It says, "Not Found Error 404." So, if you want to reach me comment on this post. I'll check in occasionally.

Updated to add: You can email now, I can access my email again. Yoohoo!

Shout Out to Five New Chicks

Hi Again, looks like Michele has been busy adding more people.

Say hello to Killired! She's got tons of fun internet and blog stuff on her blog. Thanks for the daily Sudoku mini puzzle.

Hi to Kim from Hiraeth! Kim has lots of interesting reading/studies and great pictures of her flowering trees at her house.

Welcome to Wystful1 from TX! She has a very pretty lady in green for her header at ...Thanks for the Memories!

Hey there to ribbiticus, she's at the 8th lilypad, faerie lake, enchanted forest. Love the idea of Ubiquitous Quiz Thursday on her Pond Perspective blog.

Go check out the different color styles at Moogie's World. They are really cool.

Pamela Lynn

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Truth Laid Bear

If every site on this blogroll were registered with Truth Laid Bear, everyone would be a least a Slithering Reptile. Something to think about.

Shout Out to More New Blogging Chicks

Well, in the frenzy of yesterday's new additions to the Blogging Chicks it seems I accidently missed a few of you. Truly sorry about that.

This is my first time posting here as a guest instead of emailing to Michele. Thanks Michele for the invite. Hope I'm doing a good job.

Suzanne from Vancouver Island, Canada has three of our new blogs on the list: at My Family Life her latest post has a video clip of her adorable daughter playing t-ball, at My Temptations she has some wonderful looking recipes and at Purple Pear she is posting about her pregnancy. Maybe one of us could help her out with her latest question there?

Welcome to Lifecrusier ! She has an awesome new name for our group of bloggers... we're in the "chickosphere"! And by the way... I guess I'm now a "blogging chick blogging chick blogging chick". Wow that could get confusing.

Hi to Tracy L from the Panhandle in FL. On her blog, Strong Enough she has an awesome self portrait collage for her introductions to herself.

Lala at LaLa Land Get Your Game Face On has a cool site.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello to all our new chicks!

New Additions to the Blogroll (Guest blogger Pamela Lynn)

Hey all! I'm just trying to help Michele out by introducing several new Blogging Chicks. I'm hoping I won't miss anyone, sorry if I have, please just let me know and I will correct it as soon as I can.

Let's welcome "Supermom" at What Makes a Housewife Desperate?. Her posts are upbeat and mainly about her life and being a mom.

Be sure to stop by TNChick's blog. She poses some interesting questions and she has a cool Photo Hunt. A couple of our other new blogging chicks are part of that blogroll as well... Kelly from Florida at Life as I know It says it best... Blogging Chicks Rock! Say hello to a Spring chicken.... Chilady from Cloudland, Georgia Here is a Blog for Chilady.

Kendra from Winston Salem, NC at Mama K's World is a SAHM and has an adorable cartoon picture of herself.

OK that's all for tonight, I think... I'm starting to get tired... it is after all way past my bedtime at 12:30 am...

Pamela Lynn Time Flutters By

Updated to add: OOPS! There are a few sites that are not on this list! Maybe Pamela Lynn could send me another post with the rest.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Many New Additions to the Blogroll

Give people a deadline and see how many join! We have many new sites as you can see, please make everyone feel welcomed by visiting and saying hey! A special "atta-girl" goes out to Pamela Lynn who beat me to some of the blogs! You go, chick!

Google Discussion Group

I am having such a time with this discussion group, that I have given up on it until after finals. By then it might be a Yahoo discussion group. I'll let you know. Later, much later.