Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #4

Updated to add: OOPS! It seems that Shalee didn't make it into the Carnival and this time I can't understand why since I remember putting her in it (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Shalee, I'm sooo sorry! Here it is:

Do you need to join Bloggers Anonymous? Join Shalee at the next BA meeting. Yes, refreshments will be served.

Thank you to all the chicks who sent me a submission. Please let me know if you sent me an entry and it's not here. Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. And as you can see we have a new Carnival graphic. You can email me if you want the code with the link to the Carnival included. And I want to apologize to those who already received the Carnival graphic, I didn't realize how huge the thing was. I've shrunk it by 50% as you can see from the one here.

According to Eileen, "the cowboy mystique, however you define it, is alive and well in Texas! It exists in me, and in anyone who has ever seen the vast reaches of the Southwest and wished they could visit the open range as it was 150 years ago.I long to ride a wild mustang, hair flying behind me, face to the wind; just me, my horse and an incredible sunset." Feed your inner cowgirl at Texas RV Travel.

Brandi feels that every blogging chick should cuddle up to a good book. And as blogging chicks, why not check out a book in the Chick-Lit Genre. Check out Brandi's latest Chick-Lit review on The Secret Life of Becky Miller

Great Day talks about the crazy weekend with her family, surviving encounters with her Mother In Law, Sister in Law and the funny, funny things that kids say. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Lessons from the mat- her yoga mat, that is, has Regina Clare Jane pondering on the value of each pose she does and how sometimes the easiest ones are the most challenging... and just how like losing focus during a yoga practice can be a lot like losing focus during a marriage...

It's Dawn against the world...well the City at about her battle here...

Maritzia reveals a bit of herself in the "If I were…" meme making it's way around the internet.

"Essential" has been the word running through Tess's mind lately.

Kailani of The Pink Diary says, "I Am Blessed"

Jennifer, Snapshot looks at weeds in her garden and her life.

JenLo at Thinks by Me writes a letter to those who benefit from her husband's emergency volunteer efforts.

Polly at Life is a Buffet says it's time to get off the elevator and let go of the baggage. Warning: This post may cause motion sickness.

Robin over at PENSIEVE has been both entertained and challenged by the SBC's decision to pass a resolution essentially prohibiting just about anything to do with alcohol. Read what she and several others had to say about this hot topic and add your Blogging Chicks comments to the conversation.

Self-proclaimed Christian author and literary celebrity Ann Lamott has written a controversial article recounting how she assisted in the suicide of a terminally ill friend. When Katy questions Lamott’s commitment to Christ, she is asked “Do YOU Know Jesus”? Here is her response in the context of the debate over euthanasia.

Beth realized that she no longer wants to take everyone else's opinion on social and political issues. It's become very important to her to educate herself and form her own opinions on what really matters in this life. Ignorance is not an option anymore.

Tricia of Tricia's Musings: When medical tests and the preparation for them go terribly wrong.

Late night adventures with a black masked creature, Tricia needs your helpful advice as to how to take her garden back from these watchful beings.

The top five Sounds of Parenthood Rebecca Grabill did not want to hear today, can be found at her blog, Of Making Many Books. Wishing you all a better day.

Is God looking at your heart, or does He rejoice when you memorize Scripture. Read how Iris feels about memorizing Scripture in her post titled The Matters of the Heart.

Jana reveals what happens when you combine one toad and four boys.

On this holiday weekend Malissa muses about the beauty of America.

Here's what happens when Writer Wife meets Editor Husband!

Michele of Reformed Chicks Blabbing looks at the potential hollowness of education in America.

Cathy of Sunday Morning Coffee is posting a history lesson on a couple of American Revolution heroes.