Sunday, July 16, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #6 Dream Theme

Updated to add: It wouldn't be a Carnival without me forgetting someone. So this week apologies go out to Jeanne of At A Hen's Pace who submitted the following:

Jeanne at At A Hen's Pace describes her dream day in fantasy...and as a reality attainable in Christ.

Please email if I missed your post. Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. Even if you didn't participate, we would appreciate the links.

Jana from Going Places asks How Do You Dream? It might reveal something about the way you write.

Gem is naked but no one but her has noticed.

talks about the evolution of her dreams.

While I Was Sleeping...Gina can't help but write in her sleep. Her dreams seem to take on their own storyline and give her great ideas for her novels.

Shalee asks this: Have you ever had a dream where, as you are dreaming it, you know it would make a good movie?

CyberCelt says, "It would take winning the Texas Lottery to be able to afford this dream. If I ever do, I will be ready with the location, the plans and the dream." Visit Texas RV Travel to read the dream and post the link to your dream.

In a recent news, a woman just gave birth to quadruplets, three years after her triplets!. In Dreaming What Ifs... Karmyn R ponders this and decides It isn't her Dream to be a mother of a large family.

Robin, over at PENSIEVE, has a simple dream to share...will it come true? You be the judge.

Carolyn struggles with the definition of "dream". What is the difference between a dream and a goal. So, she goes another route, and shares a reoccuring nightime dream that is upclose and personal to her.

Beth has a seriously strange subconscious. Her mind conjures up all sorts of ridiculous dreams when she gets a good nights rest!

Shna of Shna's Crazed Rantings says of her post "I love to dream. I love talking about dreams, trying to figure out what they mean... I think dreams are important. I also love to day dream, talking about 'what ifs.'"

Gina writes about the necessity of dreams and her dream of living in the moment.

Michele dreams of eternity.

Polly at Life is a Buffet says, "I dreamed a dream." Caution: "I was asleep when I wrote this, so 'scuse me if I go astray."

In her post, Michele looks at what she dreams for herself and for her family's future.

Julie Carobini ditches exercise in favor of a dream moment by the beach.

Ethel tries to separate the real world from dreamland in her submission.

JenLo at Thinks By Me dreams about finding her passion in life, whatever it may turn out to be.

Dreaming is something we all do. Iris at Sting My Heart is mostly day-dreaming about Breaking Free.

What do dreams toothbrushes and Jesus have in common? Malissa's whacky dreams that's what!

Cathy explores the American Dream.

Pamela says, They weren't dreams, they were the real McCoys, and as usual The Dust Will Wait while I tell you about them.

Suzy posts about her childhood dream of being a mom verses the reality.

Lisa puts aside dreams of blogging fame and fortune to brag about Lil' Duck.

Jen has a dream for her child.