Sunday, March 11, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #32 Book Theme

If I forgot to add your entry to the list or you want to be added, please email me. Next week's theme is TV and movies: favorites, reviews, or why you don't like them.

After a lifetime of insomnia Talia Mana is excited to find a great book on improving sleep. Read about Good Night's Sleep.

Ann M. writes, "I wrote about what what a dork I was when I worked in publishing."

Debi Martin: Recently Read: Book Reviews

A book meme at smithical

Michele of Life Under the Sun shares her favorite books of the Bible and asks you to share yours.

Gattina: "I have read a book about phobias. Maybe some blogging chicks suffer from blogphobia for this theme?" (warning: graphic graphic)

Owlhaven shares a review of The Mommy Manual

Southern Girl: "The beginning of Savory Sunday, a weekly feature with book reviews and recipes -- something for your mind and tummy."

Gretchen writes, "Have you ever wondered what a guy was thinking? What is going through his mind when he has that look on his face? If these are questions you want answered, pick up a copy of this new book For Young Women Only and get ready for an eye-opening look into the hearts and minds of the opposite sex."

Amanda over at following an unknown path has been lost in the 1600's while reading some awesome historical fiction. She invites us to stop by to make more reading recommendations for her.

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent reviews the Read-Aloud Handbook

Laurel Wreath shares one of her favorite book finds last year that she read during a fall reading challenge.

Who would ever guess that Of Making Many Books is all over this theme? Rebecca invites you to join her in a reading challenge, or to make up your own reading list!

Mama Duck has 13 toddler books

Wanna fun Book Meme? Robin at PENSIEVE is revisiting an oldie but a goodie and she wants to hear YOUR answers!