Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #30

Sorry the Carnival was late this week, I fell asleep! I should never have started a new blogroll and two new networks (if you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the previous posts) when I also have a really bad cold and recovering from surgery. Too much! And just as I was putting the finishing touches on it, I messed the whole thing up and had to start again!

If I forgot your post, email me and I will include it. Light fare this week guys, what's up with us? I didn't even have anything to submit. [I was able to come up with something and if I can do it, so can you. ] If you didn't submit a post, just grap an url of some post you liked and email it to me with a brief description! Come back later on and see if anyone decided to submit something.

Talia Mana interviews Therese Borchard about being a mother with depression and anxiety and an author of books on motherhood, marriage and Catholicism.

scribbit: "Five Points of Time Managment for Children"

Lucy of An Ordinary Mom talks about the daunting yet awe-inspiring task of being a mother.

Mama Duck shares ideas for overcoming fears about the scary drains.

Catez Stevens of Allthings2all has an interview with Gregory Laughery, Director of Swiss L'Abri and author of Living Spirituality. "We discuss rock concerts, spiritual optimism, authenticity, and living in community - among other things!"

Irene: "This week I am writing about Carnival, its history and related traditions from the antiquity to modern time celebrations."

local girl at An Island Life: Short, Fat, & Big-Headed

Erin rants about being a "second wife."

Michele from Life Under the Sun reviews Bridge to Terabithia and is surprised that it wasn't what she expected.

MC Milker Talks about "Giraffe Talk" at Not Quite Crunchy Parent.

Laurel Wreath reminds us God is in all the details of our life.

The Pink Flamingo is up with another report on the ongoing cat soap opera.

Gattina: "Funny story : Visit to a cimetary"

Rebecca needs some help with renaming her blog.