Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #29 Love Theme

I'm really bad about making sure everyone who emailed me makes it into the Carnival, so let me know if I forgot you. Please remember to link to the Carnival, especially if you're in it.

There will be a Carnival next week but there isn't a theme.

I have been going through the blogroll and deleting blogs that aren't displaying the blogroll (I also send an email letting them know that they've been dropped). Please make sure that you have the blogroll someplace where I can find it.

Local Girl of Island Life Finally Found Prince Charming

Fate hits Maritzia in He's all I never knew I always wanted

LeftCoastOnlooker shares the tale of two, who learned of God's love.

Janet writes "When I think about love, I think about my daughter. She is my one true love..."

Barbara: "Here is a story of how my husband and I fell in love."

Malissa rambles about her Valentines memories.

Laurel Wreath talks about expectations and Valentine's Day.

Mary posts Love is... Part Two (the grungy version), at Almost Somewhat Positive.

Michele explains what love has caused her to do.

CyberCelt wants you to experience romance on history on Valentine's Day over at Texas RV Travel blog.

Michele of Life Under the Sun decided to be different and wrote of the top ten reasons she loves blogging :-)

Gattina: What is love?

Erin: "I wrote about what I don't want to receive from my husband on Valentine's Day."

Julie Carobini's family puts their love in action as she launches Chocolate Beach. Check it out.

Sarah: "My title is "Love is...a timeline" and it's a time line of me and my husbands relationship from July of 98 til now."

Irene's post is entitled, Love Unconquered, "I am writing about different forms of love through poetry."