Sunday, February 04, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #28

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIf I forgot your entry, please email me and let me know. Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. If you want to submit an entry, email me today and I will include it.

Next week the theme will be love in honor of Valentine's Day.

BTW, I had mentioned that I was going to make an announcement of a new feature for the Metablog but after some investigation, I determined it would not work out.

Laurel Wreath would like to introduce you to her cousin.

Maritzia writes about her sister-in-law and holds her up as a positive female role model in Hooray for Anja

There is a season: "It's about my "friend" - "Hope" ;-)"

Been to Vegas? Planning on going? Drink from Virginia's pool of knowledge on the subject of Sin City!

Gretchen says of her post, Unique Does Not Describe You,"Finding better ways to accurately explain who you are and what you represent."

Anna Venger discusses her theories about names and the significance of a new name in "What's in a Name"

Ann says of her post "It is about the first time I actually felt married--my husband had to lose an organ to truly make me understand what it all meant."

Michele of Life Under the Sun ponders her inability to ponder.

CyberCelt of CoolAdzine for Marketers laughs at terror and invites you to a blog party.

At Dreaming What Ifs... Karmyn R muses about selling a vehicle and the misunderstanding of her 3 year old in The Shape of Things.

Malissa's shares her inspiration journal idea with you.

Mama Duck
has 13 musical toy gift ideas for toddlers.

Gattina: "The entry is called 'Prison Talk' and tells the story of a felon who wanted to go back to prison but was not let in!"

Liz contemplates what her life path or purpose in life is supposed to be.

The Pink Flamingo is going to a movie tomorrow (once a year) and is posting today. The Great Cat Soap Opera Is Reaching a Swan Song!

Talia Mana from Centre for Emotional Well-Being shares the benefits of furry friends (complete with adorable puppy photos) and why venting anger can cause heartache for women.

Julie at Another Chance Ranch laughed out loud when she posted this. It is the funniest thing she has seen in a long time. Check it out!

MCMilker updates her seasonal table to reflect the waning of Winter

I'm Just Saying: "The topic is sort of a photo blog about getting stuck in traffic trying to run errands in the rain."

In which Michele attempts to answer the question, "How do you do it?"

Irene: America, America