Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Purpose of the Metablog

I thought it might be helpful to repeat the purpose of the Metablog. We have so many new blogs added and I don't think the new people are getting what we are about. The purpose of the Metablog is to advertise the blogs on the blogroll and to that purpose we have Carnivals as well as announcements about any special event on the blogs.

Another purpose of the blogroll is to offer helps and tips on blogging which you will find by clicking on the "Blogging Resources" tab. I will be adding to those resources in the coming weeks before I return to seminary. If you've written a post that you think would be helpful to other bloggers, email the link to me and I will post it on the Metablog, if I think it's helpful.

Also, in the coming weeks I will be offering a way for you to promote your content (as headlines) here on the Metablog, if you promote the content of the Metablog on your blog. Details will follow (eventually :-) You can see an example of what it might look like by checking out the headlines of my blog Life Under the Sun on the sidebar.