Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #25

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSorry the Carnival was late this morning, I fell asleep last night before the deadline for the Carnival and this morning I had technical difficulties, someone's blog made Firefox crash. If I forgot your entry, let me know. If you are in the Carnival this week, please make sure you link to it. I will add any late-comers later today.

Updated: Of course I missed one:
Amanda is playing a guessing game on following an unknown path . Can you tell what the photo is of?

Good Night, Friend is a tribute to Swampwitch's Boxer, Junior. Follow Junior on his Memory Walk.

Mama Duck shares why stickers before coffee are a bad, bad thing at Lil Duck Duck

The Wooden Porch: "I once was lost". On Friday, January 12th, two kidnapped boys were found. One had been missing for four days, the other four years.

Anna Venger speaks out on pornography and the continuing double standards for morality in "What's Good for the Goose".

CyberCelt just returned from a two-week Christmas vacation and wants to share it with you on Texas RV Travel blog.

Laurel Wreath tells her son not to grow up too fast.

Why Owlhaven and Snowboarding don't mix.

Gattina: "A little about tourist life at the Red Sea (Egypt)"

In which Rebecca was going to make up a meme ... but didn't.

The Pink Flamingo: I have a whole slew of topics today as we remember Wyatt Earp who died on this day in 1929.

Michele of Life Under the Sun asks "What's in a name?"

Tonight Pamela,The Dust Will Wait, was watching it snow, sitting by the fire.. and she thought about her good friend who has spent her life giving - and how she let Pamela own a piece of a miracle.

Talia: "My blog entry is a review of a book 'I can make you thin' by Paul McKenna"

Julie at Another Chance Ranch has a few Words of Wisdom for you.