Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ta-Dah for real!

All kinks should be gone. I hope that you like the resign. As you can see from the sidebar bling I used a Gecko & Fly template. These are free blogger templates and they don't mind you tweaking them to fit your needs. This is the template I used. I think they are easy to use. I can usually modify these in a day or two which is really quick for me. I used one for my own blog as well. The most time consuming part of the redesign for me was the graphics. It took forever and right after I put it up, I noticed an imperfection but I'm too tired of it to fix it right now. I will mess with it later.

As you can see we have tabs now. I plan to add more. I plan to add a resource tap where I plan to link to stuff that would be useful for a blogger to know. I will probably write a very long explanation of why it is in your best interest to join TTLB and stick it there so that I can refer to it when I am asked by a new blogging chick, "Why should I join TTLB. " And maybe I'll put in there why I make you put the blogroll on your blog and not use a blog ring instead.

About the poll, I'm going to blow this I know but I'm not going to get around to it tonight. I'll try in the morning.