Sunday, July 09, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #5

Thank you to those who submitted an entry to the Carnival this week. A few more woman decided to join the Carnival so it's not a lite as I thought it would be. Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. Next week's Carnival is a theme Carnival, there's still time to vote. You will have until Tuesday. I will be posting the winning theme on Tuesday night and you will have until Saturday at midnight (EST) to post and email me a one or two sentence entry (remember this Carnival is for Blogging Chicks blogroll members only -- there will be a general public Blogging Chicks in August) .

Owlhaven tells a story on her 8 year old and says that His wife better own a chicken farm

Oh, The Joys talks about seeing her husband in a new light as a parent and not living in Spain.

Kailani of The Pink Diary says, Take My Mother-In-Law . . . Please!

At the end of May, Leslie posted The Leaving Poem at A Doggy’s Life. The poem continues to get from one to a dozen hits every day from people all over the world doing Google searches for poems about leaving. The irony—because there is always irony—is that Leslie has never actually left—or even been left, though she is considered left by those on the right.

Jennifer at Snapshot writes about A Place Called Home, but she has trouble narrowing it down to just one.

CyberCelt wants to know, What's your question?

Jana encounters a handsome stranger.

Jennifer at Sob'ah My Soul reflects on how being a stay-at-home mom has had a negative effect on her appearance and decides to do something about it!

Check out Give Me Birkenstocks or Give Me Death over at Of Making Many Books to see how fashion can kill you.

JenLo from Thinks By Me notices the boost in confidence her daugther gets when performing in the presence of her dad and comments on the unique bond between dads and their girls.

Melissa at Making Things Up uses the words 'slim,' 'chic,' and 'postpartum' all in the same post after a package of new clothes arrives in the mail!

Malissa at Malissa's Merry Go Round has some blogging questions for you! Be a sweetie and share your tips. PLEASE!

Polly at Life is a Buffet tells us how to loose a 100 lbs. in five days. Caution: There's absolutely no cheating on this diet. Check it out.

Cathy from Sunday Morning Coffee offers us bits and pieces this week.

Michele from Life Under the Sun begins a series on how to interpret Scriptures.