Saturday, July 22, 2006

Carnival Submissions

Hey! I'm getting emails and comments from people that have me thinking it might be time for me to talk a little more about the purpose of the Carnival. This is a community of bloggers -- but there are a lot of us on this blogroll, it has close to 250 blogs (very close, 3 more blogs and we are there) and it's hard to visit and get to know everyone. The Carnival is your chance to say, "Hey! Come over here and get to know me." Your blog entry doesn't have to be brilliant, or thought provoking, or funny or long, it just has to be something about summer :-)

This one should be easy since we are in the summer months. So writing about how hot it is qualifies for Carnival entry this week. Writing about your kids having fun in their pool qualifies, writing about cooking over a hot stove in the middle of a heatwave qualifies, see how easy it is to have a post that qualifies?

I have never turned down a Carnival entry, so email me the 1 to 2 line description and the the link by midnight. I want to be able to read about your summer all at once and I'm sure others would as well.