Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Introduction: Tricia of many blogs :-)


I'm Tricia from Tricia's Musings. I've been using the Internet
since the early ' 90's as a creative outlet and as a way of helping
others. I have two very large web sites about reptiles and their
care. One of the web sites is almost 10 years old, and has 4 mailing
lists associated with it. The other website is only a year old and
has it's own blog. I'm also a moderator on a large reptile based
forum, and I write article for various reptile magazines and
publications, one of which is coming out in August in the annual
addition of Reptiles USA. I guess my Reptile Logic blog was the
first one that began my blogging fascination.

I started Tricia's Musings near the end of January. My blog was
started with the intention of writing about the illness that has kept
me off work since the beginning of December - Crohns disease, but it
has evolved and become more of a day to day personal journal in which
I very rarely discuss my disorder. I found that living with my
illness and attempting to write about it was too depressing, yet
writing in general was very cathartic and I quickly became addicted
to the whole blogging scene.

Did I say addicted? Why yes I did. I now have five blogs! Yes,
I do have too much time on my hands. I suppose I am a person with a
number of interests, hobbies and passions because each of my blogs
reflect at least one of my interests.

Tricia's Musings is my general, and personal blog where I write
about what is happening in my life, my feelings, my interests. It's
my main outlet and it's my "baby". I try to write in a way that will
be interesting to others and sometimes I'm successful, other times
not so much. Either way, I use what I write there to work out what is
going on in my life. I write about it and sometimes find a solution
to what is bothering me, either just by writing it out or by
receiving lovely comments and suggestions from others.

Odd Planet is a humor blog. Everyone needs a laugh now and then.
To be honest, I'm not quite as passionate about this site as I'm most
of my others. I thought it would be a fun blog to work on, what with
all the odd news stories that I try to put up and amusing pictures,
but it's not quite as fun as I thought it would be. I'm actually
considering opening it up and making it more of a collaborative
blog. That might work better and help this site develop into something great.

Reptile Logic's blog was created with the intention of letting
other reptile owners write blog entries about their unusual and
fascinating pets. There haven't been many entries lately, but as I
develop the whole site that the blog is attached to, it should
develop a life of it's own.

I just started two new blogs this month:

Breath of Life Photography is a photoblog. At this time the
majority of photos that I've been posting there are of flowers in my
garden. However I've been taking my camera with me every time I go
out and I hope to have some wonderful shots from in and around
Toronto - which will include Toronto's lovely beach area, various
events that are held almost every weekend throughout the summer in
the city, landscapes, architecture - whatever I find interesting and
that I think Breath of Lifes' audience might appreciate. I've always
had a passion for photography and now is my chance to show it off and
expose it to the world. May the critics be kind.

As the Garden grows is another site that involves one of my
hobbies. I'm an avid gardener. I didn't really know this until we
purchased our first house back in 2001, but by 2002 as I started
landscaping my backyard and adding plants and more plants, it was
soon apparent that I was passionate about this new hobby and that I
had a green thumb. The site has only just begun but I plan to
feature plant profiles, offer some gardening advice to zone 5 and 6
gardeners, and list tips that I've found useful. There will also be
plenty of photos on the site to help readers identify plants and likely weeds.

On top of all of this I am also attempting to start two new blogrolls associated with two new memes.

One is the Oh La La Friday blogroll in which participants can post jaw dropping, stunning, make you drool or say "oh la la" photo's on their site every Friday. (I might change this to Oh La La Tuesday if this works better for participants.)

The other will be for gardening and nature enthusiasts and it's called Green Thumb Sunday.

Participants can post pictures of their garden, plants, house plants, nature scenes including landscapes - basically anything outdoors or plant related, each Sunday.

If you are interested in joining either blogroll just send me an e-mail or leave a comment on one of my sites.

Yeah, I'm addicted to blogging. LOL