Thursday, January 25, 2007

Switching to Beta Blogger

I know that it's no longer called Beta but for the purposes of this post, I'm calling it that. I've gotten a number of emails from people who have switched from Blogger to Beta and then lose the blogroll in the switch. I have no problem resending the code but I'm concerned that you might not remember everything that you had in your sidebar, so I thought I would offer a suggestion. Before you switch save your template by copying it into a text program like Notepad. Then you can copy the code from your sidebar to your new blog.

If you switched recently before you saved a copy of your template, you could Google your blog name, then select "Cached." BTW, this is a good trick to use if you messed up your sidebar and didn't back it up recently, an old copy of your blog is still available via Google (that's what "cached" means). This happened to me recently, I had made some additions to my sidebar a couple weeks previously and I went to replace a comment in my sidebar, not knowing that my stupid touchpad had selected everything below the comment and I deleted everything and then saved my template without verifying that it was ok. I was able to get the code back by googling my blog, then selecting "Cached" and then right click on mouse and select "View Page Source" from the menu. Then I just copied the sidebar material that was missing.