Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Advertising Offer

I mention that I would be offering you an opportunity to advertise your headlines on the sidebar of the Metablog. The first five people who install the following code on their sidebar and email me their url, will be put on the sidebar of the Metablog for a month.

And the rest will be put on a waiting list and the next five will be displayed for two weeks at the end of the month. And when we have gone through the list, we will start back at the beginning and work through the list. I will continually add new people to the list if you want to join later. You only have to display the Blogging Chicks headlines while we are displaying your headlines. Look at it as a reciprocal headlines exchange. I only have one caveat and that is you refrain from swearing in your headline (just in the headline) during the time that you are displayed here.

Now, anyone who wants to know what's been posted at the Metablog (especially what's going on with the Carnival and something else that I will be announcing this week that would benefit your readers) might want to add the code to your sidebar.

Another way to be informed about what's going on here, at the Metablog is to subscribe to our feed, either by email or one of your favorite RSS readers. There is a form and a chicklet in the sidebar. I plan to post more informational stuff here, so you might want to keep checking back.

If anyone has problems installing the code, email me.