Sunday, September 24, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #14

Please let me know if I've fotten to post your entry and please link to the Carnival. It's a short Carnival this week. I will try to get the schedule and the poll questions up (I hope by Monday).

Tracey demonstrates on video the complex art of braiding a six strand challah loaf. Whether you observe Shabbat or not, this beautiful challah will make your mouth water as the best bread on the planet for French Toast or slathered in real butter fresh from the oven. Check out her blog nav bar for the recipe as well!

Support the Race for the Cure. Kristied's friend has breast cancer and is looking for support. Please come on over and visit Just Venting and go support Bobbi in her fight against cancer.

Mama Duck presents "Still my sweet baby!!" at Lil' Duck Duck.

Owlhaven says she is Hereby revealing her laziness

Laurel Wreath talks about when "storms" hit your life, what do you do?

See what happens when Melissa tries to hang out with people other than her children.

Michele writes a letter to her biological mother, after her recent death.

The Domestic Goddess says of her post, "I had the opportunity to chat with writer and author Amy Guth as part of her book tour. Being that I am having a love affair with the internet, it seems fitting that I would take part in this book tour virtually!"

Iris at Sting My Heart is sharing her personal struggle with following God in her post "My Wander Years". But she also shares that God is a God of faithfulness and forgiveness for all who are seeking.

Michele of Life Under the Sun, begins a study of the book of Revelation.

Tasra says of her post, "Did you know that Simple Scrapbooks Get Results? Find out how at Lessons from the Scrapbook Page. You just might get some of those photos out of the
box and onto the page!"

Gattina of Writer's Cramp blogs about elections seen by an outsider.

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch wants to share her first experience at her hometown sypmphony and let you know that this wonderful concert about Oklahoma will be a travelling show, playing with several different symphonies. Enjoy!

Cathy from Sunday Morning Coffee picks up with Part Two of her exploration of Islamic Terrorism by looking at the terrorisit organization Muslim Brotherhood

Dogfaceboy tries to priorit-ugh