Sunday, July 15, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #45

Mercy's Maid: "I've started a new blogging challenge called "The Junk In the Trunk Experiment." I'm asking bloggers to take a picture of what's in the trunk of their car and tell everyone what the trunk contents say about their lives."

Swampwitch at Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes has presented the Fifth Swampy Award.

Julie Carobini's kids, who are about as different as sugar and salt, found a reason to whoop it up during their week away at church camp.

Confessing7girl has Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Wedding Pictures

Wanna know see what's new from Nestea in Taiwan? Go to Amanda's following an unknown path to find out.

Malissa shares the joy of mothering a boy.

Michele of Reformed Chicks Blabbing shares 5 things she digs about Jesus.