Sunday, July 08, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #44

If I forgot your entry, please email me and let me know. We will be having a Carnival next week.

Sing Along with Swampwitch's Tribute to Friends.

Talia from the Centre For Emotional Well-Being talks about her work with Jennifer to help her overcome her battle with emotional eating in Through the eyes of an emotional eater

In Dreaming What Ifs Karmyn's husband finds out there is more than he bargained for in being a True Weekend Warrior

LeftCoastOnlooker relives the quest for perfect creme brule.

Beach-lit author, Julie Carobini, got tagged by another blogging chick! Stop by to read about Jesus and the enduring cross.

Mama Duck shares "Posing for the camera & other toddler tales…"

Sma' Talk Wi'T: "Pope Benedict XVI had to weigh who to offend and who to appease. Reading the Pope's explanation, I found myself saying "yes" and agreeing with each of his charges. His decree is a Solomonic solution. Sma' Talk Wi' T opens up in Catering To The Masses"

Pamela at The Dust Will Wait says there is another reason not to do housework: It was officially 110 degrees this week and she only had enough energy left to post a few pictures!