Saturday, October 07, 2006

I deleted close to 20 blogs from the blogroll

And I'm only up to "L!" I'm deleting all blogs that don't have the blogroll on them. If they had the icon or a link to the Metablog, then I've emailed them, otherwise I just deleted. In the past I was able to email but now I can't keep track, there were over 400 blogs before I started deleting.

If I deleted your blog and you want back on, install the blogroll and email me and I will put you back on the list. If I deleted your blog and you had the blogroll on it, I'm sorry but I really tried looking for it and hit every blogroll and linked list on your blog.

If I deleted your favorite blog from the blogroll, sorry! It is very easy to use Google to find lost blog. Encourage them to install the blogroll so that you can find them again :-)