Sunday, October 08, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #15 Fall Theme

Please don't forget to link to the Carnival. Please let me know if I've forgetten your link. Next week we will be having a theme Carnival and it will be hosted on another blog! The hostess will be Lindsey at Suspension of Disbelief. I will post details on Monday, so check back then.

Owlhaven writes about making a pie. From an actual pumpkin.

Kelly at Pass the Torch, rounds out Husband Week with a peak-fall-color drive. Stop in for Wisconsin photos -- and what she claims is "evidence" her husband loves her.

The Domestic Goddess reminisces about childhood memories of nature's helicopters.

In Dreaming What Ifs... Karmyn R reflects on why she thinks Autumn is the best time of the year.

Pamela, at The Dust Will Wait, has a yard that ignored the very first day of fall.

Laurel Wreath talks about why Fall is a time of celebration.

Lindsey at Suspension of Disbelief talks about the difference between fall in Florida and fall in North Carolina, where there actually are seasons! Her newfound appreciation for the fall season is very exciting!

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch wants to share a couple of Fall websites with you. See where you should go to see the changing colors, and lots of beautiful photos.

Polly at Life is a Buffet describes a colorless Fall.

West coast beach chick, Julie Carobini, anticipates her family's upcoming trip to the eastern U.S.--you know, where they actually have four seasons.

Malissa at Malissa's Merry Go Round shares how her caramel apple was a
bit shocking. She ties this in with some too tart words she should have
kept to herself in Caramel Apples.

describes her love of all things Fall.