Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #52

The Carnival is meant to showcase the blogs, you don't have to send in something that's profound. In fact, it's better to send in something that reflects your blogging style so that potential readers get a feel for what type of a blogger you are. Who knows? They might just think you've got something.

There will be a Carnival next week. Send in whatever is indicative of your blogging style or a post that you want more people to read.

Angel: So What Does A Single Mom Do...

Velveteen Mind reminds us that we are not our money, regardless of our circumstances. I Am a Have but I Happen to Have Not. What about you?

tinyMEME gives all web developer-wannabes a good start in the field by offering a list of more than 30 free and almost free web development and design tools for the freelancer (or pro). Did she miss some of the greatest tools you've ever used? Leave a comment.

On Advertising for Success blog, CyberCelt writes of the woes of being a foreign correspondent or living in a society where news is repressed in Reporters Without Borders.

On CoolAdzine for Marketers blog, CyberCelt tells of the horrors faced by women of every nation, even in the civilized world, in Stop Violence Against Women and Girls.

On Texas RV Travel blog, CyberCelt updates us on the status of the humanitarian disaster on the 21st Century in Genocide in Darfur Continues Today. Warning: what these people live through is not pretty.

CyberCelt bares her soul in I Stand Before You and Weep... on Endangered Spaces blog.

Darla shares candidly about baby making and crocheting for charity. She'd love a few tips!

Gretchen asks "Is cheerleading a thing of the past?"

Michele of Reformed Chicks Blabbing blogs about the "Hallelujah Diet."