Sunday, September 02, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #49

I almost forget to post this! I think I better go back to posting it in the morning. Thanks to everyone who sent me an entry.

CyberCelt shares how you may make a difference in eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer in Not My Breasts! on Losing Proposition blog.

CyberCelt asks your support for the victims of Katrina in Two Years After Katrina . . . on the Endangered Spaces blog.

CyberCelt offers her 5-part series on disaster preparation in one downloadable Adobe Acrobat document on Texas RV Travel.

In Dreaming What Ifs, Karmyn R finds that sometimes using Sitemeter gives more information that one really wants to know.

MC Milker: Centering - a time-out alternative

Stop on by Julie Carobini's beach pad for a chat with fella blogging chick, Camy Tang.

After reading the latest scandal in the news with Sen. Craig, T. opines about moral rights.

Michele of Life Under the Sun took her 15-year old to Stardust and both loved it!

Talia introduces Dominic Bowden, the new host of The Next Great American Band at New Zealand Reality TV. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of him before, it’s because he’s a kiwi!

Talia from the Centre for Emotional Well-Being asks what the difference is between overeating and bingeing.