Sunday, August 26, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #48

Thanks to everyone who sent an entry. There will be a Carnival next week if I get entries :-)

CyberCelt shares How to Read Only Relevant News on Advertising for Success blog.

CyberCelt shares the winner of the Union of Concerned Scientists editorial carton contest on Endangered Spaces blog.

CyberCelt shares how you can Take Your Memories on the Road With You on Texas RV Travel blog.

Zenaida: Friday F: FOOD

Michelle raises the taboo subject of handling pet waste and discovers an eco-friendly solution for dog owners.

Angela: "Here's my first carnival entry, titled 'In Defense of Baby Einstein' where I rant about the recent news that try to prove that watching these videos is actually detrimental to baby development. "

Catez Stevens: "I recently enjoyed of one the local New Zealand attractions - a night revolving in Orbit with loved ones."

Gretchen: To celebrate the my site's second birthday, I am holding a Blogging Contest. Five winners will receive a shirt of their choice from the Girls Can't WHAT? Shop.

In Dreaming What Ifs Karmyn R decides that getting older isn't all its cracked up to be in Too Much Information

Is happiness an illusion? Talia reviews ‘Stumbling on Happiness’ and finds all is not as it seems.

Darla took a bite of life's big fat sauerkraut, baloney, gouda, hollandaise, hot dog burrito.

confessing7girl: "its about Ugly Betty season one DVD release and some spoilers on season 2! Plus photos of the cast attending the DVD release party!"

Robin from PENSIEVE recently re-designed her blog in a way that captures her personality...and she found a "telling" and compelling Personality Test that you might want to include in a future post of your own.