Friday, December 22, 2006

A Blogging Chicks Christmas

I know that I said there won't be much posting but I've been going through the blogroll, checking to make sure that everyone still has the blogroll on their blog (we lost about twenty blogs, though this time I emailed everyone and some of the bloggers didn't know they didn't have the blogroll on their blog, so we didn't lose as many as we could have). And while I was checking I noticed how many of the Blogging Chicks have decorated for Christmas. Here are some:

Her Majesty's Throne (so cute, you have to check it out),
Here is-A-Blog-4-Chilady,
Joyful Mom,
My So-Called Homeschool,
Jottings From Jersey,
Just a Spoon Full of Sugar,
The Looney Bin,
Momma's So Called Life (which she's renamed Momma's So Called Christmas Life -- I'm assuming that's temporary so I'm not changing it on the blogroll),
Mia Shaken Not Stirred (go check it out it is sooo cute!),
Wooden Porch, Suspension of Disbelief,
Temporarily Me, Rocks In My Dryer,
WebKittyn Warbles,
Whisperings From the Wings
Write from Karen

Sobeit makes you want to drink hot chocolate while you read the blog. And Yellow Rose Garden invokes memories of Christmas movies.

And there is a very timely parking video at Home is Where You Start From (very funny).

I did a little decorating on my blogs, but nothing compared to everyone else's. But I do have a cute Christmas video here (Madagaskar).

So, go check out all the decorated blogs, it will be like going to look at your neighborhood's Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve.

If you've decorated for either Hanuka, Christmas, or winter, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.