Monday, August 14, 2006

Miscellaneous Information

1. We will not be having a Carnival this week and in the fall through winter we will only be having the Carnival two times a month. More on that later in another post.

2. We now have 300 blogs on the blogroll.

3. I wanted to clear something up, Blogging Chicks isn't a meme blogroll like Thursday Thirteen or Saturday Photo Hunt. A Carnival isn't a meme, it's purpose is two-fold, introducing readers to new blogs and to promote your blog. It's meant to highlight your best writing and let people see that they should keep coming back for more.

Since it's not a meme, you don't have to visit every post and you don't have to comment on every post like you do on the other meme blogrolls. Visiting and commenting are nice and a source of encouragement but are not mandatory.

4. I spend a lot of time talking about TTLB and I don't mention Technorati at all. The reason for that, is that for a blog to improve the groups TTLB ranking they have to register but for Technorati, that's not the case. But of the two rankings, Technorati is the more crucial. If you haven't registered your blog for Technorati you should. You do get traffic from those who want a particular type of blog or who search on articles that you've tagged.

Your Technorati ranking should be in the 8,000's which sounds low but is really good. When I first registered with Technorati, mine was in the millions, so 8,000 is excellent. The Metablog is under 5,000.

I'm going to write a more technical post about tagging and stuff like that later since I was asked to write something on when you should tag a post.

5. Anna has an interesting article on a rarely diagnosed type of breast cancer that is particularly deadly. Go check it out to be prepared.

6. T has an article on AOL, if you have that service, you might want to read it.

7. And finally, would you please do me a favor? There is a guy, Mike, who has been so helpful to me with wordpress, trying to figure out how to get the blogroll on wordpress and even though he wasn't successful, he spent a lot of time trying. He has been so nice as to link to the Metablog for his female readers, could you please go to his blog and thank him for being so nice and promoting Blogging Chicks?

Updated for a stupid spelling mistake!!!!!!!