Sunday, March 25, 2007

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #34

If I missed your post email me. If you didn't make it this week, I'll probably won't be able to add you but you can send it and I can see what I can do. I'm going to be off the computer the rest of the day since I have a digest due this week. The first two entries are from last week's Carnival that didn't make it in (sorry, guys).

Lindsey at Suspension of Disbelief reviews the movie version of one of her favorite plays - Rent!

Irene: "Please find my favorite (and not so favorite!) TV shows as well as the
recent not-to-be- missed films on my blog."

What does lunchmeat have to do with King Solomon? Catez finds a common thread as she looks at living in community.

My husband and I (city-people that we are!) are one step closer to becoming chicken parents! This post includes links to the kinds of chickens we’re getting in a few months’ time.

Darla confesses why showers wipe the screams away.

MC Milker, The Not Quite Crunchy Parent writes about socially responsible shopping.

Mama Duck has ideas for using toddler energy for a cleaner house.

Malissa shares a funny situation in I look like my Dad.

Laurel talks about the best place to be, when life hits you hard.

CyberCelt asks if you want to eat food with human genes or drink milk from cloned animals on Endangered Spaces, her new environmental blog.

Gretchen asks "What do you have to strive for when you've already been number one? "

The Pink Flamingo is trying to recover from a massive hard drive crash.

Gattina: "I wrote about the 50th anniversary of Europe."

: "Do you worry too much? How to check if you are risk of generalized anxiety disorder."

Terri: "My first carnival submission is an ode to my freezer."

Michele of Reformed Chicks Blabbing blogs about husbands taking their wife's last name when they marry.