Sunday, September 10, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #13 Sept. 11

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Please remember to link to the Carnival. Please let me know if I forgot your entry or if there is a problem with the links. I've included links to the 9-11 tributes when I noticed them on the blogs of those who submitted an entry. If you want your tribute included, email me but it might take me a while to include it:

Pamela remembers September 11, 2001 along with several frozen moments in time. She says The Dust Will Wait while you stop in and share them.

Kelly from Pass the Torch remembers the perfect fall stroll she took the morning of September 11th, and the utter confusion as the events unfolded.

Laurel Wreath remembers what she was doing September 11, 2001. She also has a tribute to a victim of 9-11 here.

Owlhaven writes about Legos and September 11th

Tracey says of her post "Finally- I remember the quiet. I had never noticed how much noise planes made flying overhead. Until there were none. Over time I started to hear the ocassional loud drone of airplane engines- deep abnormal sounding engines. I remember a moment of panic.Then my husband said-

'Yep, that's a blah blah something something fighter plane' (that's what I heard- though I know he said something much more technical than that)

A fighter plane. This is not an airshow. This is our new world. A world where Terrorists will try to kill you, just because you're an American. I prayed......" Tracey also has a tribute a a victim of 9-11 here.

Michele at Life Under the Sun remembers the day she saw pure evil. She also pays tribute to two 9-11 victims William Fallon and Mattew Blake Wallens. I've updated my post to include my daughter Sarah's remembrance.

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer writes about making pancakes with her little boy that awful morning. She also prays tribute to a 9-11 victim, Oleh D. Wengerchuk.

Chilihead says of her post, "My disjointed, surreal memory of September 11, 2001. Things are still difficult for me to put into sequence, let alone complete thoughts."

Kailani of The Pink Diary says of her post "Madeline was a flight attendant onboard American Airlines #11 which hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. She is known for being one of the few who were able to make a cell phone call to authorities."

Slackermommy remembers September 11 and the grace that followed this life changing tragedy.

Five years have passed and most days it is easy to forget the 9/11 tragedy and move on with our daily lives. In Dreaming What Ifs... Karmyn R reflects about that day and says, I REMEMBER

Laura says of her post, "From San Jose, California, New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were far removed from me. Later I would discover my personal 9/11 connections: a cousin who had just recently returned from maternity leave and worked in the North Tower, an acquaintance from my gym who was returning home from a trip to New York City, the son of a couple from the church we attended, the husband of a lady I supported through Sidelines while she was on bedrest for a complicated pregnancy. All were brutally murdered that day. Parents lost their children. Babies will never know their mothers and fathers."

Five years later, Moonshadow remembers how September 11th stopped her family in their tracks and changed their priorities.

Anna says of her post, "Horror at the magnitude of the attacks and at innocent Americans like myself being killed flooded my heart. Sadly, though, I felt little surprise. I had long suspected we would not forever be spared such attacks on our own soil." She also pays tribute to a 9-11 victim here.

Magi says of her post, "This post describes my thoughts as I experienced one of our country's most shocking moments along with my class of high school students." She also pays tribute to Dorothy deAraujo of Long Beach, CA who was returning from a visit to her son in Massachusetts.

While I was hundreds of miles away safe in my home, friends and family were right there in NYC.

Malissa remembers. She also remembers Florence Cohen, a victim of 9-11.

Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee has put together a comprehensive timeline of terrorism up to and including September 11, 2001.

At A Hen's Pace says of her post, "I've posted my memories and a tribute to Todd Beamer, a college classmate of my brother's, who graduated from Wheaton College a few years after my husband and I did. There's a memorial there that we visit regularly with our children."

Do you know what year 9-11 took place? Did you know that one in three Americans don't remember? Do you remember what you were doing that day? Families like that of Ralph Francis Kershaw will never forget. For the past five years, She Remembers.

Forget the pundits. Honor the lost, and focus on what's ahead at Julie Carobini's site.

Swapwitch says that "We will never forget."

shares her 9-11 memories.

Susan at Reformed Chicks Blabbing remembers the horror of that day, of waiting to hear that her husband was OK.

Biker Betty says of her post, "I have a 'Remembered' and a tribute to William J. McGovern, Chief, 2nd Battalion, NYFD, one of the victims of 9-11."

Jennifer posted a tribute to Frank Joseph Naples

Grafted Branch remembers the events following the attack.

says of her post, "My September 11 post is about remembering that awful day and trying to protect the children from the images and sounds."

Bonnie says of her post, "It is about a shoe in a pile of rubble and the names on the fire fighter's helmets and how those images affected me. As a firefighter's wife, I couldn't help but search the backs of the helmets and read the names. I also couldn't help but imagine other women, who actually had something to look for, doing the same."

Also, you might be interested in e-mom's post, Helping Our Kids Process the News

Julie at Another Chance Ranch wants to know Where were you that day?

Kate says of her post, "it's personal memories of the day combined with some thoughts on the accuracy of the general public's views of 9/11..."

Kathleen Marie, Visions of 9/11 - From the Heart

Turtles says of her post, "My September 11 post is about remembering that awful day and trying to protect the children from the images and sounds."

Jenny of Joyful Notes says of her post, "My post is about remembering the events of the day but not forgettting the goodness of God."

Shalee discovers that God moves in mysterious ways, but if you have faith, God can be seen in anything that happens on this earth.

Polly at Life is a Buffet remembers September 11th through Psalms 91.

Holly: I Remember

fridaynightgirl, Even Now

Blessed Assurance, I Remember 9-11

Tammy, Remember, Reflect and Renew

huberama, Remember 9/11

Grim Reality Girl says she will always remember.

Mama C-ta, 9.1.1.

Melzie, Monday Memories...

Ang, A Beautiful, Horrific Day

Mamacita pays tribute to a 9-11 victim, Joan Donna Griffith.

PENSIEVE savors the moments of beauty amidst the destruction of 9-11, how music can often capture the feel of a moment, and how our collective memories bind us together.

Heather says of her post, "I've also posted about my reflections of 9-11 and what else came crashing down in my life that day, along with the Twin Towers."

Melissa is glad her children don't know about September 11th... yet.